Long term car storage

Already posted in motoring section but might get some ideas in here...

I'm off overseas for a couple of years, but don't want to sell the car.

Does anybody have any suggestions of camps with spare garages, where I might be able to store it for 2/3 years?

Or any other bright ideas? I've looked online but the cheapest I can find is £50 a month. I know that's good value (most are £80+ per month), but even £1200-1800 over 2-3 years is a lot of money down the drain...

I am reluctant to sell it because it's in great nick, paid for, low mileage etc. 2004 but only about 24,000 miles.

Should I just sell it or is there a cheap storage option?
Could you a get a mate to put it in his name and leave on camp, you may have to get him to get it MOTd and taxed but sure a mate would be happy to turn it over once a month or so.
Im tempted to say yes, but as im leaving this job in a few months time i cant say you could store it after that.
We have a "caravan" garage that has had vehicles in there for about 2-3years. All safe and secure and if you asked me 3 years ago i could of guaranteed it would be safe, unless its some sports car then i would offer my services to keep the battery topped up etc! :wink:

But if its a "bog standard" sell it. You start to get flat spots on tyres, and seals can dry out on long term storage.
Sell it. All mechanical thingys need using or the brakes will seize, the seals will dry out and the bores may even start to corode along with the rad. Plus the tyres and battery will be useless.
Ditto what rockpile said. Any fuel left in the tank will go off. Condensation will screw the engine and rust the inside of the fuel tank. If it's outside the weather will wreck the finish. Depreciation will take more off the value, not to mention any charges for storage. It should still be serviced even if it isn't being used.
Take it with you or sell.
Taking into account both the storage costs and the depreciation, garaging a car for three years is a huge waste of money.
Unless its a classic that you love more than your own mother, you'll be far better off selling it and investing the money.

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