Long term car storage

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. I'm off overseas for a couple of years, but don't want to sell the car.

    Does anybody have any suggestions of camps with spare garages, where I might be able to store it for 2/3 years?

    Or any other bright ideas? I've looked online but the cheapest I can find is £50 a month. I know that's good value (most are £80+ per month), but even £1200-1800 over 2-3 years is a lot of money down the drain...

    I am reluctant to sell it because it's in great nick, paid for, low mileage etc. 2004 but only about 24,000 miles.

    Should I just sell it or is there a cheap storage option?
  2. The older it get's the less it's worth too so that combined with storage costs has to make it a daft decision to not sell it surely.
  3. After three years on bricks, all the rubber bits will be knacked including tires.

    Who knows what seals will have shrunk, crumbled . fallen to bits

    Three years depreciation.

    Sell it, put the money in a building Soc and enjoy youself over there.
  4. Sell it.

    Cars don't keep well unless used. Lending it to a mate is fraught with issues, (unless it's of minimal value), so sell it as well as you can.

    I have a number of cars, (I say classic, the OH says junk), and the ones that are not used regularly are the biggest pain. I found for my Morgan it was cheaper to keep driving it than to decommission it for the winter and only insure it when it was on the road. The usual things that went wrong was clutch, brake seals, oil seals and tyres.

    We, the OH and I, had a beige metro called Rustbucket. As it was to all intents and purposes valueless we would lend it to anyone who was willing to insure it and put fuel in it. It carried on working far longer than we expected, surely because it was used.
  5. Sell it and sling the cash in a high interest 'notice' account.

    A car sitting in even the driest, warmest storage unit for 3 years will need a mint spending on it when it comes back out again: seals, gaskets etc will be shagged, the aircon especially will be cream-crackered. It'll probably also not pass an MOT which it'll need given it's age without work and money. As an example, the common MOT killer for cars that have sat for a while is corroded brake pipes which aren't cheap to replace. Bear in mind as well you may well have to keep the thing insured as well even if it is off the road, at least for fire and theft. Commercial storage units often insist on you taking their insurance out.

    Unless you have someone reliable who will take the thing out regularly for you, and keep an eye on pressures and levels etc it'll turn into a bottomless cash black hole.

    My Trooper cost me circa £1800 (at trade prices as well) to get through the MOT after being sat for a while and used approximately once a month. Sell!
  6. seems unanimous across all forums that i should sell it. it's just galling that it's bought, paid for, in excellent nick... but worth less than 50% of what i paid for it 3.5 years ago.

    which means when i come back from overseas in 2 or 3 years, i will have to buy a new car all over again... instead of just taking the old one out of storage.

  7. Why buy new though? I bought my car when it was 11 months old, had 5k on the clock and I saved 6 1/2 k off the list price-it is loaded with extras (full leather interior, dual zone climate control etc etc) and I got an absolute bargain. As soon as you drive a brand new car off the forecourt, you've lost thousands already...
  8. agree with Matelot, there are so many good up to year old cars being offered, with many extras it makes good sense, personally i would sell and put money away til you come back and use that for the car on on your return.
  9. Unless you have some genuinely sentimental attachment to it, this is a real no-brainer.

    Sell it, put money in savings account. Top up account every now and then with the m oney you would have been spending on MOT, Tax, insurance, maintenance, fuel etc. By the time you come home you will have enough for a better car.
  10. ok so my dad has very kindly offered to clear out the garage and store it in there. turn it over and take it out up and down the drive every couple of weeks.

    waddya think? or should i cough for the tax, his insurance and servicing etc and get him to take it out for a good road trip every month or so?

    and what about servicing - if its hardly doing any miles at all, does it still need annual service? i'm guessing its a good idea if its sat on its arrse a lot of the time...
  11. What car is it CR? Unless it's something like a classic car, just sell the thing, stick the money in a high interest account until you come back and then get another one.
  12. Could you not find a trusted relative to look after/use for the 3 years and you get it back when you return, you let them use the car for say a small rental charge and under the provision they look after service it etc.