Long Tan Day 2011

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Mark The Convict, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. The book was one of the best I've ever read.

  2. They'd probably have been annihilated without the arty. One of my RSM's had patrolled through the plantation shortly before, and afterwards, and reckoned it was unrecognisable, simply because of the shelling.
  3. My cousin - RIP, was in SPT Coy 6 RAR during Long Tan. Not too sure he was at the concert before the shit fight.
  4. I've still got that book.
  5. BB, sorry to hear about your cousin. I've just returned from Brisbane CBD, there's a march on today, and saw one of the Vets with his wife, all gonged up and wreathed in smiles, no doubt at the prospect of seeing his mates again.
  6. An amazing action and a great book. Brave fellers.
  7. 61 fire missions in 3 1/2 hrs, 3,500 rounds of arty.

    Long Tan Veteran Morrie Stanley Has Passed Away at Aged 79 | Battle of Long Tan Blog

    'In May 2010, Morrie Stanley along with his former radio operator at Long Tan, fellow New Zealander Willy Walker, were presented with the Australian Unit Citation for Gallantry (UCG) at a surprise service in New Zealand attended by his former Long Tan comrades Harry Smith, Bob Buick and Dave Sabben. In an unprecedented move, both the Australian Government and New Zealand governments fast tracked the offer from Australia of the Australian UCG to Morrie and Willy and within a few hours of receiving the offer, the New Zealand Prime Minister approved it in time for the surprise presentation on Saturday 29[SUP]th[/SUP] May 2010.'

    Better late than never, at least he lived to see it. He sure looks like the sort of bloke you'd want around in a bad spot.
  8. I haven't seen that Sabben powerpoint presentation, but I've heard that it's excellent.
  9. I visited the memorial last year. A visit can be made comfortably in a day from Saigon. For info if anyone is ever in the area.
  10. I had the pleasure of working with Pom Rencher, one of the Long Tan veterans, some years ago.

    Great bloke to work for and very modest about his time in Vietnam.I knew he'd served in Vietnam but I didn't find out until much later that he'd fought at Long Tan.