Long Tan Battlefield Tour

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Ozduke, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. I am looking to take 20 or so blokes to Vietnam in August to visit Long Tan etc show our respects to the fallen, remind some of the young blokes about the sacrifices that have been made before us and soak in some of the culture!

    It's going to be "unofficial" and do not have the time frame to arrse about relying on RAAF flights etc, therefore any fund raising ideas would be gratefully received as it's going to cost a packet!

    Cheers for now

  2. Try the Airlines to see if they'll give you ''a discount'' or say you'll name them in the Video you're making :wink:

    20 in a Group is a sizeable number to barter with...

    Use the idea of a Video/Film to lure them in - BUT - do make it !!

    Try also the Aussie version of the RBL - they may be interested in a Video and etc.,and/or any of the Units that were involved there (if they were Aussies in that patch ) don't remember exactly where now :oops:

    Local Companies - I'm sure you've thought of that- best I can do.

    Good Luck !!
  3. Cheers pal. Like the movie idea apart from it's been done already lately. Also, the whole area is a bit touchy, given the Communist government and the fact that they took a hammering there. Strangely they don’t seem to recognise it as an important battle site!
  4. Another idea - how about Chartering a 'Plane ? Add a few more people that want a cheap Holiday - and try and fill it up ?
  5. Are you mad?!

    Although, there are plenty of back-packers knocking around here who may be up for it!
  6. Hey - don't be a 'Miss Picky' now... :p

    You asked for ideas - not for sanity - this IS arrse you know... :D
  7. I've got an old paperback from donkeys ago entitled 'The Battle of Long Tan'. Very good read.
  8. Written by who may I ask?
  9. how much is it going to cost per head?
  10. Without fund raisers, sponsors, donoations and a general knob raffle, it will be about $2200 each for everything bar the beer and a "good time".
  11. Leaving from where?

    Very interested!
  12. Try this for a good read :

    The Battle of Long Tan (Book). Lex McAuley. ISBN:9780099525301.

  13. Book by the "Commanders" and Bob Grandin is also well worth a read. It includes contributions from Harry Smith (OC D Coy, 6 RAR), who's battle map I have framed above my desk, Geoff Kendall (10 Pl Comd), Bob Buick (11 Pl Sgt), Dave Saben (12 Pl Comd), Morrie Stanley (FOO), plus a Cav Tp Comd and a chopper pilot.

    Bond, ref your question - out of Brisbane. There will be plenty of chances for you to make donations to our worthy cause if you're local!
  14. Ozduke

    Just spoke with a mate who did the tour and ANZAC Day service there last year. It's pretty easy. They started with contacting the Aus Embassy in VN to ask for directions, but there are a few operators in Vung Tau who run these sort of things. You really needn't get officialdom involved.

    My mate's recommendation is "Google is your friend". Apologies if I'm telling you how to suck eggs, but the approach my mate took started with the official routes, but ended up taking advantage of the local businesses.

    In essence, the local People's Army commanders aren't interested, unless you're looking to get them involved to swap T shirts and stubby holders...

    The Long Tan battlefield is this bloke's back paddock, and the tour guides drive through his back gate and into the plantation.

    Another tip is that if you're going to stay in Vung Tau, try the Grand Hotel. My mate will chase up some emails when he gets home this afternoon. I'll PM you any tips he sends on.

  15. Ozduke

    PM sent