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Long shot but...

Are there any jukebox experts/repairers in the house?

WOuld you believe, I popped out today with the Memsahib and VI Crab the younger in tow, to look for a chest of drawers.

In one of my favourite little pits of furniture in darkest Norfolk, what caught my eye, but a 100CD changer Maestro Jukebox manufactured by Robin.

Haggling down to £50, smashed into the back of my car, pop smoke and home.

Now, the lights and the speakers work, but the JVC JD50 CD changer seems not to be playing although there is a power light showing inside.

Anyone know and UK based Jukebox experts???

(Long shot but stranger things have happened particularly with the skillset had by the collective denizens of Arrse.)

Cheers all

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