Long / Short Back bergens

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, May 10, 2010.

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  1. I was informed that there is something in writing about who gets issued long/short back bergens.

    My unit has only been issuing long even to very short girls! backloading all the short ones. I told them to exchange them (which they did, with a deal of huffing puffing and reluctance ) and now they are getting mean and moody on the subject.

    To win the battle and everything with our QM's is a bloody battle, I need evidence. The guy who told me remembers reading it but cannot find out where. The QM at Blandford has confirmed that, short people get short bergens, long people get long ones and the rest get to choose, but again cannot produce anything in writing

    There must be something written on the subject, any help, advice or points in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I remember seeing something on paper but can't recall where. As the design of the the straps and belt allows the load to be spread between the shoulders and the hips then surely it's just a matter of wearing one to see which fits. Our stores used to have two loaded bergans (1xlong and 1x short) which the guys would try on for size.
    The idea was for the belt to fit around the waist supported by the hips/belt kit, with the shoulder straps adjusted to keep it close and spread the load.

    I seen tall guys using short back bergans ending up fcuked on patrols and marches due to either not wearing the belt and carrying all the weight on the shoulders, or wearing the belt around the solar plexus thus constricting breathing.


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  3. You're on a mission today aren't you!

    I couldnt even begin to answer that but I would have thought it would come down to common sense. Shortbacks seem to be hard to get hold of for some reason and frequently I see smaller recruits struggling as they have been given a longback bergen. I suspect that it has something to do with people in stores just not giving a fcuk.
    Remember that lots of taller blokes prefer the shortback too as it sits nicely above webbing and that compounds the supply issue.
    The simple solution would be to get a medical cert someting along the lines of the wrong sized bergen causes me problems blah blah.
  4. Alternatively ask your SSM/CSM to to apply his deathgrip to the RQMS's windpipe until he demands the correct kit for the troops - like he's fcuking supposed to do!..


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  5. If anyone has the original fitting instructions it should be in there. However if you look in Pam 2 Fieldcraft, Battle Lessons and Exercises Para 0125 sub para a it says:

    a. The rucksack comes in two sizes. Soldiers who are 167 cm tall or below
    would be advised to use the shorter rucksack.

    Hope this helps.

  6. If anybodys got a longback and wants to swap for a shortback, pm me.
  7. This is correct as per the original fitting instructions. Personnel shorter than 167cm (or 5'6" in oldspeak) should try the shortback.
  8. Only ever got issued a longback. Got my mitts on a shortback eventually, far better. But then I am a shortarse!