Long Service Enagement

Anyone know whenthe DIN about the Long Service Enagement is due out? And more importantly, would you do it? Would you sign up for another ten years?


Yes the initial DIN is out.

I would sign up for it and see what happens. Then retire fully at 50.
I suppose it would depend on promotion prospects and what sort of jobs will be on offer to you. I wouldn't fancy still being a Troop Staffy at 50 years of age. Don't suppose you know the DIN number do you?


I was wrong, (unless the DIN has come out since but I don't think it has), it is an Army Briefing Note 42/13 dated May 13. I spoke with my CoC and the details are with each cap badge to smash out and then DINs will be issued. You just put in your SJAR that you want it and once they ve decided what they are doing they ll convert your contract to Full or Long. I have full already and I m looking to convert to Long or SSCP.

make sure it is on your MPAR or SJAR now and worry about the detail once they publish it. The ABN stated a DIN would come out this year.

" The Army anticipates that it will require most individuals to convert engagement"

I ve a phone number for Qs but your CoC should know more specifics on your trade.
It came out the other day, just can't remember the DIN number. I'll let you know
DIN 2014 DIN01-134 - Versatile Engagement (VEng) Conversion of Army Other Ranks

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