Long Service Award

Hakimara and joshimuru are two public workers for Tokyo city council. They have both been employed by the council for thirty years cleaning the city' sewers. Both are invited to a ceremony to honour workers for long service and attend with their families.

The mayor calls Hakimara and Joshimuru onto the stage to present their awards.

"Tell me Hakiimara", says the Mayor, "You have both been doing this job for thirty years now without complaint and without either of you taking a day sick or industrial action. You must be happy in your work"

Hakimara tells the mayor that he has indeed enjoyed his work over the many years and smiles proudly as his medal is awarded.

The mayor turns to Joshimuru and say, "Well Joshimuru, it is indded and honour to meet two such dedicated workers. You must know each other very well after working together for so long".

Jushimuru replies "Honourable Mayor, I am sad to say that Hakimara and I have never met before. He always works a 12 hour night shift and I always work a 12 hour day shift. Until today we had never met despite both of us working to maintain the sewers of the city in pristine condition for thirty years.

The mayor turns again to Hakimara and says, "Surely Hakimara this cannot be true. You have never met in thirty years? Can this really be the case?"

Hakimara looks at the Mayor and says

"Honourable mayor, it is indded true, we are like two nips that pass in the shite!"

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