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Long or Short Service??


After reading the new DIN (2011DIN01-056) it states:

Personnel whose service is terminated will fall into one of two categories. These are those with:
a. Long Service Commitments, or
b. Short Service Commitments.

In the context of redundancy, a Long Service Commitment is one which, had it run its full
course, would have ended after 18 years’ completed service from age 18 (all ranks) or after 16
years’ completed service from age 21 for Officers if that point is reached earlier.

A Short Service Commitment is one which would have ended before the person had
completed the minimum service needed to qualify for a Long Service Commitment.

Call me thick if you like but I am having real difficulty in deciphering exactly where I stand with this.

I have currently served 12 1/2 years of an open engagement allowing for when the 1st Tranche announcements are made would have served just short of 14 years if selected. Would this count as long or short?

On the face of it I think short but it is the sentence had it run its full course, would have ended after 18 years completed service that is confusing me.

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