"Long Marston...were you there?"

I was based at Engineer Based Workshops, Long Marston, around about 1987-1988. It would be good to here some good/bad moments from their time spent there.
Good memories of weekends at Stratford upon Avon or evenings at the "Gay Dog" Lower Quinton Village.
Bad memories of stagging on the front gate every other day because i was always in the shite with the RSM. And i was the biggest sprog on camp.
Long Marston, as in next to the Airfield, scaring the shit out of Japanese tourists in the central park with the canal boats? Fish and chips at Brnaby's after a few swift ones at the Harlequin/Red Lion? I havent been up that way for quite a while. Only spent time at the actual camp as a cadet in the mid 90's.

Cheers Easy.
That's right about the airfield. They used to hold a rock festival "The Bulldog Bash". Don't know if its still held. The local villages used to be swamped with Hells Angels. There was no trouble and they raised thousands for kids charities.
I visited on my YO course.My abiding memory is of the scrap dealer,hard by the wire,who seemed to be doing rather well!
I was at Long Marston with REMDT - Royal Engineers Mobile Display Team for just over 2 years, from the end of 92 to 95 it was great, we were on a pub crawl during the summer all over the country on subbie, and then on half days over the winter, Mind you, the married quarters in Lower Quinton were arrse, but stratford was entertaining with all the american tourists getting ran over because the crossed the road and looked the wrong way, fond memories of driving through straford in a mazda and all the jap tourists waving at me! :p
I went to Long Marston this weekend for an open day event. The place is busy with commercial activities, but the the bushes are gradually hiding the entrances to the accommodation blocks, the gym is falling pieces and the naafi and one of the messes (don't know which) were all boarded up and obviously hadn't been used for many years. It's quite sad to see the place going to rack and ruin. I never saw it when it was an operational military base, but it's a big location and still has the railway running round it.
I was at Long Marston from January 1966 to 1970 in the MT section (1ESD) where I drove the DUKW (flood relief in Wales and also locally in Stratford when they had the bad flood) - and finished up as the Commanders driver. I would love to hear from any other sappers stationed at Long Marston during this period. Chris Langabeeer
I see your posting is 2 years old so I hope you get this - you seem to be quite near to when I was posted in early 1966 - were you same time as me??
had a great time in 39 shed as a chippy from 90-93, built some boxes and played rugby, what a life !!

well when i say chippy , i mean i could hammer screws in with the best of them !!
I was the 59/Diver rep on the REMDT Summer Team in '84.

lt was superb, managed to bone both the WRAC Posties on the tour and had some great times in Stratford in the 'As you Like it' Club.

Then we hit the road for the County Show circuit and things got even better...

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