Long IS Course - Shrivenham

Does anyone know anything about the so-called "Long IS" course at Shrivenham? I know they used to have the "DIS" and "AIS" courses there but I'm not too sure how closely this latest course relates to its forebears and what the criteria are for selection. Anyone able to advise?


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The Long IS course is the Information Management and Technology (IMT) course.

In essence they took some of the AIS, some of the DIS, removed some out of date stuff and then added in some more relevant content.

Getting a place on the residential one year version is normally tied to a job that requires the course as 'pre-employment training'. There is a SO2 at Glasgow who manages those jobs and can probably advise further.

Academic suitability has to be agreed by the university - entry requirements shown on the webpage listed above. Given your area of expertise, even if you do not have a first degree, I suspect that you would qualify under "a lesser qualification together with appropriate work experience".


Go ugly early - very wise move. Comes with a 2 year time bar, but really does enhance your chance of pinking and is a very good qualification for outside the wire (assuming you can face a life working in IT).

The jobs lists usually specify which attract the training and many are undersubscribed.

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