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?Long index finger

Markintime said:
Squiggers said:
Biped said:
Squiggers said:
The Gaydar is bleeping.

Can you guess why? :roll:
Yeah, cos she looks like Beth Ditto - a big fat dyke?
Nah, she looks just about shaggable, the Ditto-hippo on the other hand...

Christ. :x
Education please? (I haven't got a clue what you're on about, who or what is Beth Ditto?

That hideous whale. Half decent singer though.
Err, whilst I'd poke it for a laugh, am I the only one noticing the Hapsburg chin and the industrial strength bra to prevent carpet burned nipples?


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jagman said:
milsum said:
So it's ok to be a chubster if you have mahosive chebs? Just so I'm clear on whether or not to eat this cake in front of me...
Yup, entirely acceptable
In fact skinny and mahoosive chebs is totally acceptable also. 8)

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