Long Fingered gloves

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by omegahunter, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. OK, this might be a bone question, but can I get long-fingered gloves? I have un-naturally long fingers, and I can either get huge gloves which look rather stupid, or smaller gloves, and have my knuckles somewhere in the palm of the glove.

    So can I get long fingered gloves?
  2. Find large sized womens gloves. Those of the fairer sex tend to have longer fingers.
  3. You see, I wouldnt have thought of that. That's pretty damn lateral.
  4. Chop the fingertips (of the gloves, not your hands ;) ) off for the hobo look.
  5. Try the circus :D
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    But you'll be a very popular lesbian.
  7. Have you ever thought of training as a dip (pickpocket)? With those fingers you'd be a natural.

  8. Have you ever tried Oakley SI Assault Gloves?

    they are quite long fingered and also have some "give" in them. If you can get them to fit, it would be a lower cost option over a pair of lets say Blackhawk gloves. about half the price.

    Anyway, i'm happy to send you over a few pairs if you want to try them on for size (no bashing one off in them thou!)

    Let me know


    Intelligent Armour Limited
  9. I have huge hands and find that the USAF type nomex/leather ones seem to fit well enough.
  10. I, too, am blessed/cursed with long fingers. Part of the problem I have with gloves is that the palm area is too short, so even mitts (fingerless gloves) do not fit.
    I have found some issue gloves that do fit me;
  11. I knew a long-fingered woman once...but I don't think it meant quite the same thing.
  12. Have you considered filing down the ends of your fingers? While initially excruciatingly painful, this would make finding gloves that fit much more simple.
  13. I've tried that, but am unfortunately too much of a wimp to take off more than a few mm. Also, as I already said, it's the length of my palm which really make finding decent gloves difficult.
  14. You are an orang-utan and I claim my five pounds.

    I have a similar problem - my local cobbler put me in touch with a bloke who added in a strip if leather to my issue gloves. Fitted perfectly but looked a bit Frankensteiny.
    Hope the b'stard that nicked them a week later dies of bowel cancer.
  15. Doubt it - he will be able to check his own prostate if he has freakishly long fingers!