long eye lashes on the ladies, sexy or not

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by smudge5611, Dec 26, 2010.

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  1. This is after a seeing a programme that had various ladies thinking that they looked foxy,but didn't>

    What is the concensus? False eye-lashes, good or bad? Personally, i like natural, but i am willing to consider all comers, ;)

    (sorry if this has been done before,but my burd actually thinks they are not a bad idea..............not sure how long she will be my burd!)
  2. Yes. Looks a bit tarty but I've always gone for the tarty ones. Well, anything I can get really!
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Dunno 'bout on the ladies, but my naturally blessed luxuriently long and fullsome lashes have ladies everywhere spitting with envy. Still stops them taking the piss out of the monobrow I s'pose.
  4. False eyelashes do look a bit too Essex for my liking - I prefers the more natural type of burd. However - gives you some extra target size to spaff on.
  5. It depends on what else (if anything) they are wearing, really
  6. you mean,you look at the eyes first!.
  7. Careful now--given the ardent advocates of "alternative" lifestyles posting on these fora, you are showing your bigotry by referring only to women's (and just to cover all the options, I assume you meant by birth not surgery or attire) eyelashes!


  8. Careful now JJH, you're at risk of becoming a bore ;-)

    Personally, I like girls who are "wide eyed" - like a manga character I guess. If long eyelashes help that along then I'm all for it :)
  9. I am quite distraught that I might possibly be boring to you or any other ARRSER with whom I may differ.
  10. Take 'em up the hoop, that makes them wide eyed, especially if they're not expecting it.
  11. It's not differing opinion JJH, it's making irrelevant postings on unrelated threads. It's all about social norms and following conventions you see.

    Unless of course you're autistic, then we should probably just let you crayon away.
  12. And then pushing it in that little bit more when she thinks you're fully in :)
  13. Is that an 'Alternative lifestyle' be careful you'll have JJH frothing and slaverring at the mouth. I'm sure he'll pray for us all.
  14. Anything fake is shit.
  15. Ah, like flies to treacle.... ;-)