IN-FORCES relationships. Im in NI and my better half flies to the Gulf. Fair?? It has been a frequent occurence with other forces personnel in the same predicament.
Some have offered their services and have volunteered to go to the Gulf while currently serving an operational tour, yet has crashed and burned!
A friend of mine volunteered and got another ********  chewed off for being ungrateful.. already serving on an operational tour, he should've thought about his services before approaching the irrate officer.
Another friend, only volunteered so he could be near his serving girlfriend, despite knowing he'll be anywhere near her if he had the chance to deploy.  He also got a chewing from his CO.
Anyone have any views on long distance relationships within the forces in general or the issue of serving members deploy-ing/ed to the gulf??  Why cannot serving personnel already on operational tour, volunteer their services for the Gulf???   :-/
Why cannot serving personnel already on operational tour, volunteer their services for the Gulf
I think it's called "Overstretch" :(  


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It's very unlucky that marriages/relationships are put under intense strain by the terms and conditions of service.  This becomes even more difficult when both partners are in the forces and operations come thick and fast, but... If the boot fits, wear it.  We did not join the army to work alongside our partners and this is not one of the conditions of service.

I understand the issue becomes more sensitive when there is the chance to post the pair together, but an Op deploymant?  Come on, there is a job to do...
No, cant see a problem with that......... why not take the kids too!

Operations take priority...thats what we all joined for...dont mean to sound harsh but people can do without the aggro involved when a couple are in theatre together...it breeds animocity and weakens the strength of the unit/units involved.
So do u reckon its worth getting another arseh*le chewed then for volunteering??  ???
No, not at all, the whole matter has obviously been handled with a lack of care......the whole manpower issue is a dodgy one as your probably aware..there is a certain element of overstretch at the moment and most bosses are clinging on tightly to what they've got.

I don't feel that anybody should be berated for volunteering.....they deserve an explanation with regard to the application.
Fair point though, I've just come back from an op tour where the boss was sh**ing the team munter. Who was also s*it at her job.

This was not a morale boost for the rest of the team. It's best, on ops, if we're all single & heartbroken together.
You could always get out and both work for Tesco's. Apparently their welfare package is second to none...
Thyere's no arguing with a monkey! :D

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