Long distance paths

For my holiday this year I am planning to do a long-distance path. I've done loads of walking before but I am choosing the Hadrians Wall path from Newcastle - Carlisle as a starter. The questions I wants to ask fellow arrsers are:

1. Has anyone ever done a long-distance pathn before - and if so, any advice?

2. How long should I take to do Hadrians Wall? I'm reckoning on about 6 days.

3. I want to do another 3-4 days at the end of the walk - where can I realistically continue on to from either end of Hadrians wall?*

*I can finish at Carlisle station and get the train to Dumfires, or finish at Newcastle and get the bus to Kielder or something, so I'm not to constrained.
I took 8 days check google for info

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