Long arm of the straw!!

Did anyone read in the Scum about the following:

Drivers have been hitting there brakes going through Bishops Wood in Staffs. Some bright spark decided to dress a scarecrow up in a high viz, with palstic police helmet holding what is supposed to be a speed camera. One villager said

"We have a laugh as we watch the traffic slow down rather quickly"

Sounds just a laugh and joke but such fun can have tragic consequences.

Only last year 6 miles from me, a villager decided to put up a fake Gatso camera that hung from a phone poll next to his property. A driver lost control of her vehicle in which she was instantly killed, just by this fake camera.

Although the Accident investigation Police could not say 100% that the fake camera caused the death it certainly did not help.

I wonder if the Villagers in Bishops Wood will still laugh if something tragic happens??
S'pose the boring response is; If they weren't speeding/not paying sufficient attention, it'd be less likely to have happened. After all, what sort of speed are you doing if the sight of a GATSO makes you slow down at such an extreme rate that you lose control?

I personally don't like automated law enforcement but if you're doing the limit or if you're just a little way over, then having to slow down to the limit (I would have thought) is unlikely to be a particularly dramatic moment...

Cue GATSO v Police on the streets thread :)
I thought this was going to be a scum exclusive on how a former foreign secretary had 'entertained' Miss Rice. :)

Number Crunching
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