Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by error_unknown, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. so easy to wind you all up!

    :evil: :evil:
  2. Rescue you from what - dragons/quicksand/the Germans?
  3. another thread for the hole
  4. Long legs? Could I suggest you wrap them round your neck and strangle yourself?
  5. testing testing, just seeing if my signature is showing
  6. excellent it is

    bore off girlywhirly
  7. Is this another "sarahjane"?
  8. Moose?

    havent seen the pick but wild guess.

  9. Instead of trawling the internet for your next "victim" can i suggest the real world...

    its just outside your front door.

    Why cant you get a bloke? are your long legs encased in calipers and topped off with built up shoes?

    Why are you posting this and targetting officers? is it because you're a gold digger, or you've twigged they're a bit slow?

    did you know you can hire a wood chipper for £75.00 a day from HSS ... why dont you, and then jump in the c unt. :D
  10. what about a self preservating, physiognomically challenged, facetious crafty who would ruin you?

    you have a PM :wink:
  11. We need far more details curly-wurly. For starters, can you enter and exit your home through any entrance other than the French doors? Do you have your own hair and teeth?
    Do you scare small children and animals?
    Does your backside have its own post-code?
    Do you have a free bus pass?
  12. Girlywhirly for gods sake stop being tight and get yer arrse over to Uniform Dating!!!

    Leave the guys on here alone, they're not here to look for lurve!!!! If they decide they quite like the sound of you they will let you know...but hunting them down isn't providing them with much of a chase is it??!!
  13. Exactly, if you are so lurvely - what with your long legs and all...why do you need (for want of a better phrase) to "Advertise Your Gash"?

    AND you want an officer, and they are like, not even proper blokes.
  14. How about you post a picture of you with a catering tin of sweetcorn lodged in your ricker, sucking off a great dane.

    not for any particular reason, it just might be funny.

    Oh, and by the way, this bank holiday HSS are doing chainsaws half price, £35.00 a day, why dont you get one and bury it in your snatch.