Lonely bloke missing his ex-Para

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Okay everyone, I realise this is a bit different, and if it offends you, just ignore it.

About fifteen years ago I met a real character. He was in his fifties then and I was in my thirties. He was an ex Para and after he'd left the service he'd lived the sort of life you used to read about in Boys' Own Adventures. Along the way he'd been married three times and acquired nine kids. We met at my cousin's wedding and we just clicked.

We kept in touch and after we'd been out for a drink a few times we both knew what was going on, and we started a physical relationship. Unlike me, he wasn't gay, but he was happy to see me about once a month, have a nice time, and then go back to being "him". It wasn't a guilty or nasty relationship. Far from it. For that one night a month, we really did love each other, but we both knew that 90% of him was the heterosexual, ex-boxer, ex-Para geezer with nine kids! That was fine by both of us. Sometimes 10% of good love is better than 100% of the bad sort.

Anyway, last year, out of the blue, he dropped dead. He was the only person I've had any sort of relationship with in the last fifteen years, and I miss him like crazy.

It's not like I can't go out and get someone - even though I've now turned 50 myself I'm still a good looking fella and I get plenty of offers, but that's not the point. I only get turned on by men with a bit of character to them. Men who've lived a life, with tales to tell, who take a delight in the very fact of being men. Men like my much-missed... well, I don't want to say his name.

Anyway, if there's anyone out there who understands what I'm talking about, please drop me a line. I'm not looking for the same bloke, I'm looking for someone with the same qualities. Someone with a bit of class.

For everybody else, Happy Christmas. I hope you find that special someone.
Jarrod, Front and Centre....

Damn, beat me to it.....


Well, if you say that's not being a raving homo then who am I to judge.

I'll let you finger my ringpiece if you buy me a large JD and diet.
I wasn't going out I'd grab a front row seat.
If you happen to have shares in Diagio we can come to an arrangement,
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