Lone Survivor Trailer

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ZappBrannigan, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Not seen anything about this in Total Film or Empire movie mags,just came across it on iTunes movie trailers,looks like a good cast.US Navy SEALs in Afghan,usual based on true story stuff.
    Lone Survivor - Movie Trailers - iTunes
  2. Due out at the end of December- no doubt they will win the war all by themselves as usual. Ooops- they haven't this time have they!
  3. I think they all get killed apart from one guy who gets away. All started by being spotted by a lonely goat herder. Sounds like a US version of the "One Who Got Away".

    Hmm, these bloody goat herders are fantastic are spotting SF teams. Maybe we should employ goat herders to guard things against enemy infiltration, like, I don't know, airfields possibly. :twisted:
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  4. Were they staring at his goats?

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  5. They called his pint a poof too.
  6. No they didn't, they looked at it.

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  7. Summary of Action

    Anything else you might like to add?
  8. Yodelodeelodeeodelayheehoo.
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  9. I think I will give it a miss
  10. They win almost as much as you lot won at Isandlwana
  11. I'd bring up Rorke's Drift if it weren't for an alleged controversy in another thread.