Lone robber seizes nearly $100,000 worth of Guiness

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22024571/

    He's gonna have one hell of a hangover in the morning....
  2. Welcome to it. The worst pint of Guinness I've ever had was in the Guinness museum in Dublin.
  3. Christ no man,

    some of the best guinness is to be had around the Thomas Street area of Dublin

    the stuff in the Gravity Bar (Hop Store) is pure nectar

    maybe your just not used to the proper Guinness
  4. Someone's going to have a good Christmas :boogie:
  5. It was shite! Bear in mind though, that since the Park Royal brewery was closed, all European Guinness is brewed (though not necessarily canned or bottled) in Dublin. Have honestly had better Guinness in England, Belfast and Lagos (and that's a different recipe).
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. The culprits have threatened that if the polis investigate too deeply they will give the Budweiser back.
  8. DUBLIN, Ireland - A thief made off with 180 kegs of Guinness beer after smoothly driving into the Dublin brewery, which makes the black stout and snatching a trailer load of drink, police said Thursday.

    The incident took place Wednesday at the Guinness brewery on the banks of Dublin's River Liffey where Ireland's trademark tipple has been brewed for almost 250 years.

    The lone raider's haul also contained 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90 barrels of Carlsberg lager, police said.
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    "A man drove into the yard in a truck and took a trailer containing the drink which has an estimated value of 64,000 euros ($94,770)," a police spokesman said.

    Well Done that Man
  9. May I cordially invite all Arrsers to a drive by Guiness party on the A1 just south of Newry.
    Please wear something green and have cash (sterling only) ready.
  10. See, now if he'd stolen anything else, the thread would have "SCUM" in the title, followed by a load of posts complaining about the perpetrator's genetic makeup, followed by fantasies of amateur eugenics and vigilante justice. :? :roll:

  11. Of course it would have been, but this is beer he stole, different kettle of fish