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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by scarletto, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Im trying to find out for my mum, when her dad played at Edinburgh Castle, doing the lone piper bit at the end, now she has no idea when and im at a loss as how to find out, i tried Edinburgh castle but never had a reply.

    He was Pipe Major of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and captured in France in 1940, i presume he was part of the Highland lads who were shipped out near the end. As his war years were taken up by digging coal in Silesia, i presume his bagpipe playing at Edinburgh must have been late 40s.

    Any help would be gratefully received
  2. try the director of army bagpipe music and highland drumming Capt Stuart Samson at Inchdrewer House in Edinburgh dont know his number but im sure you can get it with the info i have given you
  3. Many thanks, just googled it and got the number and address, will try that tomorrow, again thanks.
  4. The first lone piper was Pipe Major George Stoddart. He played in every performance for the first eleven years. His son, Major Gavin Stoddart, followed his father as lone piper at the Tattoo and became Director of Army Bagpipe Music for 12 years.

    the first tatto was in 1950
  5. Bugger, that rules him out, my mum swear black n blue he was lone piper, she had photographs now sadly lost that she says shows him on the ramparts, oh well i know he was pipe major as he was in a large newspaper piece in Inverness in the 80s, and was mentioned several times.

    So i will have to try and see from that angle.
  6. Check with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Museum? Just a thought there. Most Highland Regimental Museums keep a list of past Pipe Majors and the like.

    Off hand I'm not sure where they were barracked after WWII. Maybe it wasn't Edinburgh but Fort George? or even one of the Royal castles?

    You know, memory plays strange tricks.
  7. Thanks, he is not on there, he was in either 7 or 8 battalion, whichever one lost its Battalion Hq he was in, story goes battalion C.O said we will fight till the end, then some german tanks appeared and they went 'sod this and surrendered' or thats how he told my mum, he then was knocked unconscious after refusing to give his watch to a fat german soldier.
  8. Wasn't their depot Stirling Castle?
  9. I thought Stirling Castle just after I posted - well I agree it has got ramparts. Oh aye and it sits on a rocky outcrop!
  10. Did Stirling Castle have a sort of Tattoo then, were a lone piper played?
    Still waiting for a reply from the Argylls museum
  11. How about Beating the Retreat?