Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dev111, Oct 1, 2005.

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  1. Thinking of joining this bunch as i want to get myself into the TA.

    I've heard quite a lot of negative stuff about them on these boards and elsewhere but want to know if its the usual reg baiting ta/ta baiting ta crap.

    If they are worth a closer look, can anyone give me an idea of which are the better companies? are some better/worse than others or are they pretty much the same? Are they well motivated? Any helpful info is much appreciated. Can anyone recommend any other good units in the London area?

    Please dont turn this into another fight thread :p

  2. Do it, the RGJ will be off to the collective in no time.
  3. dev111 - It really depends on you and your circumstances. Ignore all the rubbish you've seen posted, that is a very small minority.

    Things are changing at present as the RGJ lads are off to pastures new. There will be four rifle companies and a HQ element. Each rifle company will have a MS element as part of their ORBAT.

    Where is convenient for you to train? You have a choice of Battersea, Balham, Camberwell, Catford, Horseferry Road or Edgeware.

    What interests you most? Rifle Platoon, Anti Tank, Machine Gun Platoon, Assault Pioneers, Mortars and the HQ Support elements.

    If you are interested or need further information, you can try the website or feel free to PM me.
  4. Its the same as anywhere you go, make your own mind up. I dont think the London Regt is a bad mob and i have come from a Reg Bn.
  5. Hi
    Either of those are easily accessable for me, (all within about an hour) which living in london is pretty standard going for any commute.
    Either Rifles or Anti Tank. ideally i'd choose recce, (which i think is RGJ and London Irish Rifles a the moment, could be wrong) but you didnt list it. Will the londons retain a recce platoon?

    One last Q: With all the talk of the Londons becomming reserve to the Guards, will the capbadges/companies change? EG. Will the London Scots become Scots Guards, London Irish Rifles, the Irish guards, ect ect?

    THanks guys
  6. No one is exactly sure what is going to happen - except that the RGJ element will be leaving the Londons. They will still recruit in London, but will be part of a larger set-up. To make up your mind you should visit a few locations and size them up for yourself. I looked at quite a few units before I made my choice - Royal Anglians, RGJ, London Irish, HAC, Royal Signals (Inns of Court) Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers. For me the RGJ won as I was really looking for infantry, it was close to college, and the regimental ethos was impressive. The fact that it wasn't the closest unit didn't enter into the equation.

    I have met many fine soldiers from all of the other sub units of the London Regiment, as well as support arms. All units think they are the best - it comes with the territory. Make your own mind up. The first step is getting up of your ar5e and checking out the wealth of units based within the M25.
  7. The LIR retain one rifle platoon and an Anti Tank platoon. The G Coy RGJ lads at West Ham will, I think, retain Recce.

    Hopefully all remaining Londons will retain their current capbadge, the feeling is very strongly for it at the important level ie with the troops.
  8. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    As much as I hate it, Mr Mackay, we aren't keeping Recce. rumour mill has it That as and when the new Bn comes into being the old G coy will become 1 Rifle Platoon and 1 SF platoon . . . . cleaning GPMGs, oh fecking joy!
  9. I understand all the Recce PLs are being withdrawn from the TA. So unless you join HAC you're unlikely to get a recce element.
  10. Whilst the Yeomanry might be training to provide IR for CR2, I think you'll find they still play at recce with their landrovers.
  11. Royal Yeomanry (London Sqdn is Westminster Dragoons based at Chelsea soon to be Fulham) is reroling to support Formation Recce Regiments so our role is beoming more recce based - in landrovers as mentioned.
  12. I take it the fire that gutted Fulham House is news to you?
  13. More news? When did it occur and how bad?
  14. 23 february 2006, will utterly devastate said former home of the Mortar platoon.