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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dev111, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. just a quick question, not fully understanding whats going on

    at the bottom it says that the londons will have an operational affiliation with the foot guards. Does this mean the companies will be changing into capbadged guards companies (like the tyne tees regiment will become 5RRF) or will they stay as London Scots, PWRR, RRF ect?

    cheers lads :)
  2. "The new working titles were announced by the Secretary of State on 16 December 2004, which was followed by a consultation period amongst the regiments and their wider regimental constituencies. There are no changes to the Regiments of Foot Guards, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, The Royal Irish Regiment, The Parachute Regiment, The Royal Gurkha Rifles and The London Regiment."
  3. must be blind :lol:
    sorry about that :oops:
  4. As i understand it:

    Each Compny will retain its own Regimental identity i.e cap badge and beret etc

    but the PSI's etc will all come from the Guards Div.
  5. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Great. Maybe this will mean that The Londons can take on some additional ceremonial load from LONDIST !
  8. Oh No, Dont mention carpet munching, their get very upset !
  9. so thats the guards affliation sorted then, they both remain unaffected by the changes that affect the rest of the army.... :wink: other than " losing " the rgj coys which were never welcomed into the drinking club anyway...
  10. Oh please don't start with all that again. it is boring and the grown ups are no longer interested. :roll:
  11. I agree, it is getting a bit boring.

    Not that it makes any difference coz the London Regt will, i think, find it hard to survive with only 20 personnel after the RGJ coys have gone.

    Its a dam shame, there is alot of history within the Londons, which includes former rifle Regiments.
  12. It will be interesting to see how the allocation of PSI's works out.

    Scots Guards for the London Scottish?

    Irish Guards for the London Irish Rifles?

    Grenadier/Coldstream for PWWR/RRF?

    Welsh Guarsds for HQ Coy?

    Or will it be for whatever post is available next? How does the PSI attachments work for trhe HAC? Are they all from the same Regiment? If so, will they be left out for the jobs with the Londons?
  13. The Sergeant Major of the HAC is almost always a Grenadier, that is the only Guards tied PSI job at the HAC.