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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sharkey LA1, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Looking into joining the TA in the south London area. Was wondering if anyone had any info on C Coy London Regiment as they are pretty close to me. What are the weekends like and how often are they once you've completed basic? I used to be in the otc at uni a few years ago and the weekends were pretty regular and varied contents wise, is it the same in a 'real' TA unit?

    Cheers in advance guys
  2. Just go along on a drill night and get a feel for the Company.
  3. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    and then go along to F or G Coy 7 RIFLES and see if they are a better fit for you . . . . . .
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  4. Cheers BB, I intend to make a visit asap but won't be in London for a month or 2 yet, hence was just trying to get a feel on here. I've had a look at 7 Rifles but they seem to be based in the north London area, which is a bit of a way out for me. How does the London Regiment stack up against the HAC in terms of amount of training weekends and socially wise?
  5. F Company 7 Rifles is based in Mayfair - Bond Street tube. Not really Norf Laahndan
  6. Snigger snigger :)
  7. Best thing to do is go and visit all three units. HAC holds an open evening for potential recruits every First and Third Tuesdays of the month.
  8. LONDONS have supported a lot of deployments, if it's saaf London you're looking at D Coy have a platoon in 'ammersmith and A Coy have a support platoon in Caatford also.
  9. No contest really.... The HAC wins, but I am biased. But it isnt a fair comparason, the Londons are infantry so they do lots of well, infantry type things and have a different personality and cap badge for each location. The HAC are STA so depending on which part of the unit you are in is what you will be doing, some will be far easier than infantry work, others will be like it but different and they are located only in one place so it seems on a parade night that the place is rammed with 200 bods crusing around.

    Socially...well.... hmmm. I have been to both (Londons and HAC), and I have to say the HAC does know how to throw a party.

    Your best bet is to vist both/all the units mentioned here and get a taste.
  10. Disagree. There is a huge difference between LONDONS and HAC, and with the formers track record on Operations it would be a brave move to say there was 'No contest..'. Given that LONDONS have fulfilled several roles as Infantry, not just stagging on or taking pictures from bushes. :)

    I have served both LONDONS and also STA/SOF (23 all together), and would say that (as above) your best bet is to visit both.
    I'm kinda with Carlos on the parteh thing though.....and am fond of both Units; long may they continue.
  11. I had the same drama on leaving the army, had a look around at a few units in south London and decided on joining the HAC as didn't fancy redeploying with the Londons with my old battalion...

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  12. And out of interest, how has that worked out?
  13. To be fair I've only been there a few times as I've transferred over from the grens and they are trying to work out how and where im going to slot in and are toying with the idea of making me do phase 2 again so I'm still of an open mind at the minute
  14. Phase 2! You have my deepest sympathies!