London's burning

The naive bit...

...should have his right to stay in the UK removed & go straight from prison to a flight to whence he came.
Can't blame you for wishful thinking though.


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It was hardly spur of the moment to have a mock up tower 'lying around'. Complete with people in the windows.

a judge should make them go to the tower and have a good look.
I am astonished that acting like a bit of an insensitive prick is now a matter for the criminal courts. When did that happen? Does it apply, for instance, to comedians making jokes about subjects that I find in bad taste?
I understand that, but how on earth is making a joke in extremely poor taste a crime? That is truly astonishing.
If it were, Frankie Boyle would have been banged up years ago
That's my point, these guys made a joke, a very distasteful joke, and it reflects very poorly on them as individuals, but how on earth did making a joke in bad taste become a criminal offence, WhatsApp or no WhatsApp?

Its a criminal offence because its "offended" those on the Left. If these chaps had burnt an effigy of Boris J, Maggie, HM or some other non-approved person, it'd have merely made some light-hearted congratulatory comment on the BBC and media...

I'm not even being facetious.

p.s. does anyone have the list of effigies burnt over past few years at Lewes, and across the nation on Nov 5th? Presumably there are Gigabits of video footage online. Must be a few hundred thousand criminal cases due there, if my contention is wrong.
Talking about the Beeb if it does not rain, it pours springs to mind w.r.t the continue suffering of local folk especially the kids.

Toxic chemicals found near Grenfell

No, really? Any fire generates ash and debris, and a lot of that dust and debris will be toxic because of the combustion process. Not to mention the chance that when it was originally built the tower probably contained building materials that are not currently approved. Asbestos anyone....?
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