London's burning

From left to right.Two years long service. Four years long service. Eight years long service. Sixteen years long service. The next one that she gets, she can trade in for a gold-plated index linked pension pot.
No Jubilee medals? Is she a Republican?
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, Third China War Medal, Naval General Service Medal, Newfoundland Volunteer War Service Medal.
No Cold War (police) medal?
BBC's getting desperate for material to use to further its liberal agenda.

Bosses at the council responsible for Grenfell Tower received bonuses totalling more than £90,000 in the year after the fire, it has emerged.

It was also revealed housing staff at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea had bonuses totalling £131,800.

A survivors' group called the payments "abhorrent" since some households still do not have permanent homes.

RBKC said bonuses were based on an employee's "individual performance" and the scheme was under "full review".

The council also said: "No-one got a bonus specifically for helping respond to the fire."

That's barely more than ONE Grenfell fraudster obtained.

Yonatan Eyob was a drug dealer who claimed to have been staying with a friend in flat 182 in Grenfell Tower on the night of the fire. The flat was home to five members of the El-Wahabi family, all of whom died.

Eyob, 26, was given £15,918.20 on pre-paid cards, £60,945 in hotel accommodation (at the Holland Park Hilton between July 2017 and June this year) and £9,968.36 for laundry and parking - a total of just over £86,831.
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Another piece of shit gets jailed.

Five years, so out in two. If he's a foreign national he should have his right to stay in the UK removed & go straight from prison to a flight to whence he came.

A conman who pocketed £47,000 meant for Grenfell Tower survivors and claimed he was an undercover government researcher has been jailed.

Moses Ettiene, 49, gave a flat number which did not exist to claim support after the devastating fire, then said he could not disclose the real address because of his "top secret" work.


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Talking about the Beeb if it does not rain, it pours springs to mind w.r.t the continue suffering of local folk especially the kids.

Toxic chemicals found near Grenfell

It's just a pity that the BBC does not put news items in the news programmes instead of relying on "chat" shows and spurious items. I assume someone at the BBC gets paid a lot of money for scrabbling around to find information which might just involve authorities of one sort or another and fill the odd five - ten minute slot.


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The various Grenfell protest groups will be keeping a close eye on this sort of thing. After all when they come out of prison they will need help with funds, housing, and sustenance, won't they?
I'm sure they will all seek gainful employment to provide them with "funds, housing, and sustenance"


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I'm sure they will all seek gainful employment to provide them with "funds, housing, and sustenance"
That's a nice thought but I would prefer any earnings to be legal.
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