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I remember. It was also mentioned LFB are one of the few parties who can't do a runner, move assets overseas, or whatever else is needed to avoid paying compo.
LFB doesn't pay the compo, the London chargepayer does. Fining or awarding damages against public bodies is not the same as hitting private companies.
Stating the bleeding obvious, more like. The Inquiry is there to determine the facts and until the facts are determined, it's difficult to assess what laws have been broken and by whom.

The bleeding-hearts groups will complain that it's all taking far too long but won't take credit for delaying the process by demanding (and getting) their unproductive five minutes' of fame.
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'Contemptible' Grenfell fraudster, 48, who posed as survivor of horrific blaze loses jail appeal | Daily Mail Online

She claimed about £19,000 in cash donations, goods including electronics, handbags and dresses, and hotel costs.
But prosecutor David Jeremy QC said she would have had access to funds totalling more than £200,000 had she not been caught.
Another one with no shame . must be very entitled in her own mind Double the sentence and deport her at the end of it .
Fcuk me. That's not even a ten pint shag!
Er, well, there's always the option of the style known as doggy. If you're into that kind of thing.
Fit right in back home in the Free Worker's Democratic Paradise of Azania. Probably end up as Murderous Despot for Life as well one of these days. Just has that look...
From left to right.Two years long service. Four years long service. Eight years long service. Sixteen years long service. The next one that she gets, she can trade in for a gold-plated index linked pension pot.
You would think the sloppy tart would have put them on straight, opps, one rule.....
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