London's burning

The govt obviously found it more expedient to throw away money than first check veracity of claims/claimants - due to likely demograph of claimants. To be honest-they probably made the best choice...long term.

We are starting to see now, emerging, people basing their whole identities on "Grenfell". Victoria Derbyshire show yesterday for example..."Are you in work now?"..."No I was 'made redundant'..."quickly followed up with..."But after Grenfell, to be honest, work was not a priority for me..."....He was probably sacked basically. No, he was never challenged on that.

"Grenfell Utd" many people wanting to play for them!
The checks must have been non existent, especially if, as one of the scrotes did, claimed to be homeless and was sleeping in the stairwells - namely number 5, Abdelkarim Rekaya, to the tune of £88,183.70. How the fùck do you go from sleeping in a stairwell to a 4 star hotel to a studio flat in Chelsea, he should've been fùcked off to the nearest hostel.
Liberal, I would have only got him a new maggot
Mrs M's liberal twittishness in barring investigation, identification and punishment of illegals on the one hand and subletting on the other has a lot to answer for and we are paying. Plus the police, court and not least lawyer's costs (a legal feeding frenzy this is) on top of what will surely top £1m in direct fraud.
A dozen trials so far. The legal costs of them will already be in the millions.


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Will we have a list for the managers and administrators who facilitated this criminal activity, conspiracy to defraud would be a fitting charge for them too.
You know that moment when you wish you'd set up a spreadsheet for an extremly long project... Yeah I had that thought a few weeks back, and now lack the time to keep it all up to date.

Any shiny arses, I mean clerks with some spare time?
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