London's Burning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. So Man has Handgun Illegally
    Police order him to stop multiple times, man ignores them
    Man due to his own stupidity has 4 new orifices
    Town burns itself down for Justice for Man
    Mans friends and family admit he was into "Things"

    Sounds Like Darwin won again
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  3. I guess its just been too long since the last riot in the Broadwater Farm area - the locals must've wanted a sequel!

    Funny how shops are being looted & petrol bombs are being used as a consequence of a peaceful protest about "justice".
  4. They just want Justice

    Mob Justice....
  5. Didn't Man also shoot a copper, who only survived because the bullet hit his radio? Or am I thinking of another gun toting criminal?
  6. shoe the lot of em,
  7. London's Burning
    Well, it's a start.
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  8. I hadnt seen that part, hell empty the mag into the ******* chav if thats the case.
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  9. No, you're quite right, that's the man. Or, as the 'community' would call him, an 'elder' (Gangsta class 1 innit).
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  10. It's a shithole anyway. Too many cash converters poundlands and dodgy fast food places. The place needs renovating and each astra had 97000 miles on the clock. Just what was needed a good old fashioned
    Kick off.
  11. This BBC coverage is unreal. They'd be singing a different tune if it was their Audi's burning in West Ealing.
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  12. You can't shoot him while he shooting at coppers its against is 'uman rights' innit.

    Or thats how they seem to see it.
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  13. Beeb saying TSG have been let out of their cages...:twisted:
  14. tsg scare me, once saw them raid some swines house
  15. F-ing right it's unreal! Did you catch her continuously trying to say something to the tune of "couldn't this have been avoided if a police officer had talked to the protesters?" Really want to know what planet she lives on.
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