Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. I think it is very distasteful for anyone in the US to be bashing the UK at the moment. There may well be aspects of anti-terrorism policy in regards to extremists which the British government needs to address, but given that 52 innocent people were murdered a couple of weeks ago, Britian doesn't need any 'we told you so' ranting at this moment.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Perhaps we do.

    We can't have a Home Secretary ranting (and that's the right word) about banning evilly-inclined Clerics from 'preaching hate' while knowing absolutely full well that the Courts will not allow this, due to legislation which his party brought in.

    Pathetic, and that's just how we seem to much of the world regarding this.
  3. So how many years have Londoners et al been complaining of Hookie & Co ?. We needed no telling, but Blair (Tony &/or Ian) did sweet FA in case it upset people.

    Are we now going to get more upset because the Septics are rubbing our nose in it ?. Get real!.
  4. For some reason we think the Americans actually give a toss about the UK and that there is some sort of "Special Relationship" beyond intelligence-sharing. There clearly isn't.

  5. Guess we best not mention the American's part in funding certain groups in the past then.
  6. The issue here is not the Governments mistakes in policy. Many people (including myself) have called them into account for neglecting the menace of extremist preachers for so long. What is unplatable is the way certain sections of the American right have gleefully jumped onto this tragedy for their own political capital. Remember the infamous Fox news broadcast on the day of the attacks (paraphrased - 'a good thing this happened - now terrorism will be back on the agenda). And as PTP points out, the US seems very silent on the whole IRA support issue, doesn't it?
  7. Razorman, you said it was distateful ... at the moment. It has always been so, and the US political surrender to Irish/Israeli support (in numbers or finance) has left it open to contempt. Likewise our political surrender to human rights (courting EU popularity) has earned the contempt of the UK electorate.

    In the end there's nothing new - terrorists have been around for a while and will be ever-present. Anyone that speaks against them is good - although consistency is important. If one is not against terrorism consistently then they've won another over at a time a& place of their choosing.

    Not personal - this is a universal issue, not even a national one.
  8. If we're Londonistan what are they?
    'Cos I see Noraid is still going strong:
    Americans can still donate to a "good cause" & urged to boycott anything English as we are "The only developed country in the world that still supports terrorism".
    So what's the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter to americans then? Skin colour? Religion?
    How come Bush hasn't stopped these people in his war on terror?
    I can't believe Britsih troops are dying in Iraq to help this bunch of F-oh bring me a bucket.
  9. ...yes, I'm sure I wasn't the only one coughing into my pint when I saw "The Boys" of the NYPD and NYFD "Oirish" pipe bands condemning terrorism after 9/11.

    Sean Hannity on Fox is another pro-IRA apologist on Fox.

    The anti-English streak in the American Right, that enjoys (and needs) to never forget the Boston Tea Party is alive and kicking.

    It doesn't help that on the "Londonistan" issue that they're also broadly correct.

  10. I emailed that pro IRA US senator (can't remember his name) after 9/11 saying would he stop supporting the IRA now he knew how it felt to be attacked by terrorists while going about his lawful business - never got a reply, wonder why?
    I agree Vegetius that they're pretty well right about the principle of "Londonistan" we have taken the right to free speech too far here - it's just their hypocrisy that sticks in my throat!!
  11. My god, the NORAID site has embedded MIDI - that's terrorism enough there!