Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by glasshammer, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. I did 2 yrs 1989. Edbrington masonic fort george rosemount. Has anyone got any pics or good / fun stories of thier tour in Londonderry?
  2. I did a 4 month tour in 1977 at Fort George. worst cookhouse of my entire army career. I spent 4 months eating burgers at the golly shop.
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  3. That chogie shop wasn't the cleanest, either. The chaps working in the one at Ebrington did a swop with the Ft George complement and the QM had them shaved and deloused before they could start work. When I arrived (start of 76) I smelled the place from the top end of Browning Drive.
  4. Four months on this floating gin palace/rustbucket (a.k.a. HMS Rame Head) at Fort George in 73/74 instigated my lifelong fear of rivets:


    Seen here on the way to being turned into razor blades.
  5. Couldnt believe it when naafi put a bloke n rosemount he would sit there waiting for someone to ask for a mars bar or can of coke
  6. I was there in mid/late 80s and again in early 90s. Total 5+ years in LDY including 21st birthday and six Christmas Days. I preferred the early tour - lots more going on.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It was a toilet but one where 1000 petrol bombs a night in 83 wouldnt make the news when the same night 3 or 4 in West Belfast was Headline news on Good Evening Ulster.
    It was a huge drain on our Bde reserve in Omagh and the lads were less than impressed with an additional 6 weeks stagging on having just returned from Fermanagh. Finished a lot of marriages off did that place.
  8. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I remember being up there regularly in 93/94. The difference was amazing, foot patrols in soft headgear.
    Trouble started outside a bar in shipquay street. Police moved in and mopped it up. No local reinforcements were forthcoming, as we walked up to the diamond. There they were.
    Hundreds of teenagers sitting or standing around and not doing a kamikaze on the cops at the bottom of the street.
    What really reinforced the idea that things were changing (before Belfast) was the fact that on the side of the road up to a permanent checkpoint. Coshquin? They were building houses. When I mentioned this I was told
    'Wars over'

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  9.'s a go anywhere, serve any **** organisation. Who serves wins.
  10. I was ops officer in 92-94. Berets came in after Good Friday and were initially introduced one per team and at the PVCPS. It was a horlicks of a policy with no one knowing WTF they were supposed to wear at any given point. Much quieter tour but still managed a quality contact every fourth Thursday mind, just a lot less minor aggro.

    Compare with a night out in Magazine Street in 87. Scroates having a minor riot and two of them hiding behind a sheet of wriggly tin. Cue armoured Granada with a couple of lads from the N1 MSU. Granada drives straight at them sends them flying with various limb damage to be carried away by their mates towards the Rossville. 'Twas a sight to behold.
    One weekend the battalion got though a big chunk of the brigade reserve stock of FRG ammo.

    For sheer run-down shitness my favourite SF base was RUC Rosemount circa 86. The front gate Sanger was the most contacted Sanger in the province at one point. I has a load of stats on it. In mid 80s it was an utter shithole. Even the choggie said it was the worst base he'd seen. Made RUC Andersonstown seem positively cosmopolitan.

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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Andytown before during or after the 1983 Pira redevelopment?
  12. Fort George 1977. On patrol in the Shantellow and on main gate guard at Fort George

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  13. I remember that particular weekend, it was a joy to behold.

    Posted my ipad whilst typing with my bollocks.
  14. I was there when the Omagh bomb went off. Me being a lucky fcuker, it was my first day on pager. Was also on pager for the 'Y2K' bollocks.
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  15. We we there 79 to 81. Our TAOR also included Strabane at this time. If we were on Masonic , Creggan (it came down by end of tour) or Rosemount we prayed for rain on Friday nights.