Londonderry, surely?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by miles_gloriosus, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Notwithstanding the fact this is one of the rare NI attacks reported by the BBC, am I being a bit anti-Beeb (raving leftie, republican, anti-British, metropolitan media luvvies, etc etc etc) in noticing their increasing use of 'Derry'? Or is it that I'm behind the times and the term is becoming depoliticised?
  2. BBC seem to use both in each story, UTV seems to depend on what newsreader is doing the story. I think Derry is quite apolitical – it’s short and rolls off the tongue, while if someone makes the effort to say Londonderry they are probably trying to make a point about something. My two cents.
  3. No - its just as politicised as the term Londonderry is for sections of the community. Typical beeb - although I'm sure they will have a sound historical reason for it, just like Mumbai and Beijing.

    If they didn't want anglicised names then they shouldn't have let us invade them.
  4. The city of Derry changed its name officially about 20 years ago.
  5. Ah Stroke City!

    I believe that the Beeb have guidelines for the news when referring to Londonderry, it should be referred to as Londonderry in the initial reference and then they are to use both Londonderry and Derry interchangeably or some such guff!

    Keeps everyone happy!
  6. No it didn't. The city council changed it's name. They have no authority to change the name of the city.
  7. Makes sense.
  8. Indeed, there was a court case a few years in which the learned judge affirmed that the city's name is Londonderry.
  9. They also used to begin reports "Here in the North West of the province......."

    The venerable local rugby club (Est 1881) is called "City of Derry" and that seems to be uncontentious. People going out of their way to avoid proper politics IMHO.
  10. My flatmate in Uni was from said parts. He was, in the scheme of things, politically indifferent when it came to the politics of Norn Ireland. He said he used Derry to refer to the city but Londonderry when refering to the county. Not the official answer but an insight nonetheless.

    I have since then followed the same practice. Much to the ire of some mates who (being less indifferent in their politics) look like their passing a kidney stone when they hear the term "Londonderry". :twisted:
  11. because they (sinn fein) have grown hair over their horns and they cover their curly tails

    its a handy way of finding them when they hide amongst law abiding members of society

    just talk about Londonderry and the person who corrects you is

    more than likely to support the party that supports those brave men who murdered and robbed all around them
  12. Just call it a mini-Belfast, it equally insults both sides and they hate's my way of bringing the communities together.
  13. Isn't the whole thing politically charged because the towns name was changed from Derry to Londonderry in the first place?
  14. I would be quite happy to never hear of the place ever again. The misery of that place is seared into my soul.