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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by London_native, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. After taking up the guidance of The_Iron to look up The Army's values and standards i am man enough to admit im disguted with my attitude towards putting a cap on commonwealth recruits. I have realised i fall nothing less than very short of expectations for all servicemen and women currently or willing to serve. favouritsm of British born recruits over commonwealth is in direct contrast with what the military as a whole is about, making me the same. After careful consideration i realise i was being a prejudice imbocile and saying the effort current personnel or applicants in the pipeline was not good enough because of the place of birth. I issue an apology to everyone with any link or dealings with the military to anyone so kind to accept after my unacceptable behaviour. I geniuenly meant no harm and admit it was a very ignorant ideology i was portraying, which no longer exists in my mind.
  2. Good for you! We all make mistakes and it's good to have our own ideas challenged and we learn and become more educated and better rounded in our thinking. It's surprising what we pick up from friends relatives and colleagues and it's not all good. Some people have totally fixed ideas and won't ever better themselves which is a shame and you'll see examples on here.
  3. Thanks Jarrod, it was a neandathal view and realise what a cnut i was being to not only people from abroad but to also British servicemen and women. The more i think about it the more im aware of how ignorant it was, plus im an Arsenal fan. And when commentators say there should be a cap on foreign players i always said "Its not about your passport but ability and what you bring to the table". Complete hypocrisy!!!
  4. I think another apology should be given!! Just kiddin L_N.. Fair play, some of it was funny though :thumright:

  5. Cheers Paddington, i issue a personal apology to you too because on 2 threads i was spouting cnutish horse shite to you!!!!
  6. lol no worries here mate, it's just shite talk over the internet, just glad it was sorted before you go to ITC and say something out of line, I've said some things myself to people face to face without realising but as long as you realise and apologise I don't see why it shouldn't just be forgotten ;-)
  7. It is of interest to go and look at some war graves and see who did fight for us in the world wars and Thailand is one of the places i'd advise and if you look at the graves you'd be surprised. I don't know how anyone could work in the jungle in those conditions.
  8. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well done l_n you've shown a willingness to grow in your ideas and integrity to offer an apology and admit your mistake. All we have to do is fix your spelling ^_~ :biggrin:

    I would echo jarrod's recommendation above and take the time to discover the rich martial history of all the Commonwealth Units that have served the Crown in doing so you will discover the richness of your own. There was a nice wee programme on BBC last night about Sikhs, still avaliable on iPlayer, and a recommendation I gave another member of this site earlier today Biyi Bandele's Burma Boy about Nigerians serving alongside the Chindits. See where such things take you, you'll be surprised.
  9. LN, good of you to man up and apologise and to support what Jarrod said look at this picture depicting the commonwealth coming together to defeat the Nazis


    If you want to lose yourself for an hour, take a fascinating and humble look through the full site here
  10. Its not easy to make an apology of that level and as such I say well done. As a Fusilier in waiting you will appreciate the diversity we have in the Army once you join, it would be a lot less fun if we all had the same background.
  11. Well done for climbing down on the Commonwealth recruit thing LN. As an Arsenal fan, no doubt you are delighted by the prospect of more Anglo-French co-operation in defence!
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Now go and find a dictionary so you don't have to apologise to the grammar police too ;)
  13. Photos of Kanchanaburi

    They're just the Google ones. I've got some of my own, but have no idea how my scanner works yet.
  14. Damn well done L_N, takes a proper man to admit when he has fkuked up, even more so to admit it. Stick with that attitude and you will do OK. Gool luck and enjoy being one of her majesty's finest....
  15. thanks. obviously by my avatar im part of the commonwealth. so yea, appreciated