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  1. I'll be in and around London for 6 weeks, very soon, with only a couple of trips back up here. Bit of what can loosely be called work and a bit of networking.

    Last time I went I spunked a large and regrettable wedge on scran, ale and a few whores who's phone numbers I had drunkenly selected from inside phone boxes on Oxford Road. I'd rather not browse sex shops after necking Scotch every night this time.

    I need a plan, in essence if i see something I like on the TV (rare to be honest) I wont budge until its done, based on that I am going to load up with box sets, the complete series of each of these has dropped through the box via Amazon,

    'Sons of Anarchy'
    'The Wire'

    I'm a bit ******* stumped to be fair! Any more thrashy, engrossing US/UK programmes/box sets?

    (cant say ill bin the 'whore' aspect off, its like a sex Supermarket down there .... )
  2. Laptop and arrse you big tart
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  3. Bags of fun after 2 or 3 hours! I may as well sit in KFC all night nurturing my 5th coffee and a 3 day old Daily Mail
  4. Box sets? Is there a Falling Skies set yet? Do you have the Deadwood series?
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Box sets? "Breaking Bad" is the best thing out there at present. Oh, and Game of Thrones for violence and filth.

    But - you're in London, FFS! What are you doing staying in? There are a thousand things to see and do - apart from the pubs and whores, there are actually places worth seeing - and abusing and misdirecting toursists is a sport I never tire of, with the Olympics add a new target set.
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  6. Misdirecting tourists is a sport in itself.

    Stood outside Moon on the Mall: "Can you show me the way to Buckinghaaam Palaace?"

    Outside the Trocadero: "Is this the way to Lie-cester Squaaare"?

    Alternatively, get yourself a BFO map, turn it upside down and just stop right in the middle of the Strand and look at the map.
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  7. Go to the Leather Bottle. Adopt a 1000 yard stare. Make sure you are wearing Rohans and fellies. Short haircut a must. Leatherman on your belt. Make sure the ringer of your phone is turned to vibrate only. Drink four pints and leave without talking to anyone. Repeat as necessary.
  8. Dexter is very good and you can download the lot from piratebay
  9. The Sopranos, mate, best show conceived. Get it!

    Don't watch Sons of Anarchy, its a load of bollocks and very goofy at times. It has its good parts but sometimes you're left shaking your head at its stupidity.

    The Wire's a fantastic show but it can slow down from time to time which means that you might end up getting bored. The shame with the Wire is that the later seasons are the best but you have to watch the slower early ones to get a grip on things.

    Are you into any war movie type shite?

    What about getting the Band of Brothers boxset? It's cheap as chips nowadays and the series is still a really good watch.

    What about Generation Kill - its a bit ******* 'American' at times if you know what I mean but all in all its a really good series too.

    Oh and Breaking Bad is brilliant but the series isn't finished just yet. Why not take the laptop anyway? You'd be cheaper watching this stuff through Netflix.
  10. All eight series of 24, intermixed with Yes (Prime) Minister
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I Have been commuting to London every day since September and have just caught up on the entire run of NCIS, NCIS LA and Hawaii 5-0 which are watchable.
  12. Definitely Dexter.

    I enjoyed Sons of Anarchy, personally. The crazyness of it is riveting, sort of Easy Rider meets Harry Potter, meets The Quiet Man.

    Any of you lads that served in NI will love the bits where The Sons meet the IRA, doing secretive clandestine things off the backs of BFO Harleys.

    Swamp People is good as well, a documentary about this group of mad Cajuns who hunt alligators by baiting big hooks on ropes tied to trees and left overnight.

    They go back the following day, haul on the rope, a 12ft alligator comes bursting out of the water, the guy on the rope has to try to hold it steady beside the boat, while the shooter has to try to shoot it behind the head in a small vulnerable spot, using a rusty old .22 rifle.

    For comedy my favourite is Still Game, set in Glasgow, a sort of Last of the Summer Wine, but with jokes and swearing.
  13. Breaking Bad
    The Wire
    Mad Men
    Curb your Enthusiasm
    Arrested Development
    The Thick of It
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Just a few suggestions...
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    Rescue Me, with Denis Leary as one of a team of New York firemen following 9/11. hysterically funny and superb drama in the same show.
    for a bit of retro sci-fi action, how about Blake's 7 or Space 1999?