London weekend

Discussion in 'Travel' started by 05NMANIK, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. This weekend me and my partner will be there for a concert and will only be staying one night.
    I want to fit in as much as possible in the twelve hours (approx)of free time.
    my list so far is :
    1.houses of parliament
    2.trafalger square
    3.buckingham palace
    4.tower bridge cathedral
    6.the London eye
    7.and of course the imperial war museum

    (it may not seem long enough to see all of the places here but this is coming from someone who done the magic kingdom in 20mins.)

    It is my first time there so what do you recommend, am i missing anything else.
  2. Seeing as it's your first time, I'd say get the Big Bus guided tour to all those places (sh1tty weather permitting)- it's about 20 quid but you can get on and off as often as you like for 24hrs, and they'll sell you the tickets to the above places avoiding the FCUKING MASSIVE queues...also slightly cheaper than buying at the door (i think)

    Don't get the 'Original Tour' bus ride, it's sh1t.

    I'd also say go the Cabinet War Rooms in Whitehall (between Trafalgar Sq and Parliament).

    And then I'd say once you've done all that, next time see the REAL London!! Also, don't eat anywhere in the West End (except maybe Wong Kei in Chinatown or the Italian/Spanish places around Charlotte & Goodge Streets). I'd also say give the Edgware Rd a whirl- if you like Arabs.. (I do, as it happens)

    Have fun mate.
  3. You're missing The Church on Sunday!
  4. I thought about taking a bus tour but i like the idea of walking. I'll ask the missus see what she says. (you say you can get on and off when you like, that sounds fair)
    Also are taxi's more expensive there, or is it just the one way system that takes the piss?

    well doesn't st. paul's cathedral count :oops:
  5. Definitely not.
  6. Taxi's are a fcuking joke, unless you're a stockbroker or getting them paid for by work. It would actually work out considerably cheaper getting the Bus tour mentioned above, though if you know where you're going, walking's always best.

    Above tour includes (or did) a 'free' riverboat trip down the Thames though..
    (I should point out I don't work for them!)

    And on that note, I'd strongly recommend Greenwich...

    Where's your hotel?
  7. Ahhhh The Church on Sunday's, followed by Backpackers!

    What a fine time they were.....

    Shame the Church has moved, it used to be staggering distance now its a wee bit more.

    Black cabs are expensive!!!!!!

    Do the big bus tour as said above, you can use normal bus stops as points, and I would also recamend a river ride/cruse.

    The is a company called Frog tours which do a tour in a bright yellow WW!! DUCK with a passenger cab mounted on it. After the drive around London it then goes up and down the river for a bit.
  8. ha ha! Said tour breaks down 4 times out of 10... lots of fat yanks bobbing around just above the river, great for a laugh
  9. While you're at Tower Bridge, why not have a shufti at the Tower of London too? Take your MOD90 as I think they do a mil. discount.

    Greenwich is good if you like Naval things.

    Also lots of museums, depending on what tickles your fancy.

    As most of these things are on the river, why not take the river tour which is like the tourist bus, just on the river. :p

    Is 'The Church' open on Sundays?
  10. Not that one, this one:
  12. I'm staying right by Westminster bridge( Lambeth)walking distance of most places. Ive been using a mapping guide for runners to plan my route and check distance, it's the first time we've had a break in a long time, got the grandparents minding the little ones. So really we want this break to be a good one.
    What about the night out cheaper the better, this isn't one of those romantic type gigs it's all for me :D :D
  13. buy an all day travel card for the buses less than £4.00, plan your route on the website.

    the area you're looking at is tiny. i live near St Pauls and work off whitehall, it takes me 40 minutes to walk from one to the other taking in some of the best sites on the way.

    there is no way in london to get lost or ever need a cab. ask in a shop or pub for directions to the nearest tube if you think you're lost, don't ask on the street, people get directed down alleys and mugged! every bus stop has a small map of the local area, it really is that well planned.

    the IWM is huge, i visit about three times a year and i still haven't seen it all.

    plan a route roughly like this.....

    bus to St pauls, then over millennium bridge walk along the southbank to the london eye, across bridge to parliament, over parliament square towards St James's park short walk to palace, up the mall to trafalgar square, down whitehall to downing street, through to cabinet war rooms... you've walked in a triangle. down to river and boat to tower bridge.

    food's a little cheaper and easier to find in tower bridge area, or walk into the city.

    Beebs x
  14. Thanks for the link beebs. I had no idea the IWM was so big, really looking forward to that one.
    Ive planned my route and will try and follow it (like that breadcrumb story) as best i can so i shouldn't get lost,

    (-people get directed down alleys and mugged-)

    I'm from quite a shitty part of a certain city so i can usually tell if something is dodgy but thanks anyway i didnt think that part of London had thieving bar stewards like that.
  15. Have to admit, I've never heard that. London scrotes tend to be a) 14 b) skinny crackheads , so I'd imagine you'd be OK?

    Good cheap clubs: York Way, King's X (there's a ton of 'em)
    Cheap nearby eatery: Addis, Caledonian Rd (Ethiopian, the best curry you'll ever have. The platter (too big for 2 people) costs £16. If you want to show off, the best curry is called Derek Tibbs (!). The wine's shit, so wifey will have to try to stick to Ethiop beer, or get bladdered next door at either a) Big Chill House (Girls seem to like it :roll: ), b) Smithy's here: (hot French-Algerian barmaid), or c) Ruby Lounge, Caledonian Rd

    Have fun..