London Warmers into the bank

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Crusader, May 27, 2006.

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  1. How about a few warmers into the bank with pre-drinks-drinks in prep for Friday's onslaught in the City?

    If Poppy can make it to Richmond, North Yorkshire for a slurp, and others are bladdered at their desks most of the week, maybe a couple of gentle neck-oils in the Raglan or the Watling won't go amiss?

    How about celebrating the 6th day after Ascension Day on Wednesday evening 31 May at 18:00?

    BTW - I will be Churching the Mayor of Rushmoor tomorrow (hope there isnt a law against it? Will any of you be there?
  2. Watling - Bow Lane - 18:00 - I will be there Crusader
  3. Was one of you wearing a pink shirt? Didn't have time to drop in as I finished work late (19:30), but detoured past the place on the way to the station. As I thought, nothing but suits present. :(
  4. No, the pink would have been my eyes.....(rat-arrsed) but I am a suit, as were all others as you correctly observed. Started there at lunch time. Fell asleep on the train home....dribbled, snored and woke-up three stops past where I really wanted to be. Must have been a good session!
  5. I've done that in the past. My record is LONDON - BEDFORD - BRIGHTON - BEDFORD - then woke up at my stop, just as the doors closed. Left London about midnight, got home at 07:30. Lucky it was a Friday/Saturday.
  6. I think my best effort was London to Reading. Missed Reading and woke up at Bristol at about 01:00 on a freezing December night. Slept (badly) on a bench until the first train came through at about 05:30.
  7. Just realised...I had a pink tie on with a blue shirt.