London Units- who can join?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Majors_Son, May 13, 2007.

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  1. at the moment i am living down hampshire/dorset way but at some point in the next year will be moving to london. What i would like to know is, can i currently join london units or will i be forced to join a more local one?
    I don't mind making the commute up and would rather be doing that now than commuting from london later on.
    If it helps i am quite liking the look of the Royal Yeomanry but am open to suggestions bar the HAC or 3MI.

    Have already tried using armyjobs but it is a total pile of pooh and doesn't work.

    Any help or suggestions please.

  2. You can join any unit you wish. Most won't turn anyone away without a really really good reason and I know guys that travel in from the southern counties to attend units based in London.
  3. Brilliaint, thanks for the reply. By any chance is anyone on arrse here a member of westminster dragoons?

  4. There are a few; I'm not one by the way.

    Any ideas where in London you'll be living/working?
  5. have you checked out this web site?

  6. Thanks BB, most likely around sloane square sort of area for living and blackfriars for work. Hope that helps.
  7. You can join which ever unit you wish, really.

    In theory if you wish to attend a unit of the same arm other than your nearest, you have to justify it, but units are fairly thin on the ground these days and in your part of the world so this is unlikely to be a problem.
  8. TMS, check your PMs

  9. If you can afford to live in that area either daddy is paying your rent or you will be working somehere where they pay you so much you will not have time to be in the TA as they will want to get their money's worth!
  10. msr

    msr LE

    I am not liking people who use the present continuous unnecessarily ;)

  11. Just coz he has a job, STA...

    enjoy the course, btw?
  12. Hold fire STA, don;t really see why it should make a difference living around sloane square makes, granted its full of rather twatish pulbic school boys but thats not the point, And about having a job, if half the HAC can manage it then so can i.

    LordVonHarley thanks for the link, hadn't seen that before, seems a bit better designed that MOD's effort, didn;t realise quite how many units there were there.
    Also thanks to P_E and Dr evil
  13. You may want to consider the London Scottish (not being Scottish is not an impediment!!). Their TAC in Horseferry Road is 1500 metres from Sloane Square.
  14. or try the Rifles in Mayfair (opposite Bond St tube)