London Underground to strike again

Nice link!

Drivers get paid more than nurses that makes sense, 8O

but then as much sense as some of the companies let loose on the PPP deal. :roll:

lets see how hard is driving a train?, stop, go, open and close doors? oh and try not to get drunk and drive through a red light. 8O

just wait until the Olympics , they will milk it for all they are worth ! 8O

Do away with them like on the DLR 8)
Run by Bob Crow, a corrupt commie union leader. His girlfriend works for RMT, it just so happens she was the only applicant for an internal post which after a short time had the salary massivley increased. As for that sh1t who was off claiming to be sick and was subsequently seen playing squash, he had the neck to challenge a disciplinary and got away with it 8O

It costs London so much eveytime these dossers strike that I think this union really needs to be broken like the miners.

That vid is spot on

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