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'If you want to see what the London Underground looked like in the second world war, it's worth popping over to Colindale station this weekend - 20th - 21st June.

"The entire station will be placed on World War II footing with staff in period costume and the station dressed in full 1940s regalia with sandbags, watch tower and a display showing how London Underground kept the capital moving during the war." Handy if last week's Tube strike gave you that "let's all pull together, spirit of the blitz feeling".

While you're there, you can visit the nearby RAF Museum to get into the full war time swing of things. "The Hendon Pageant takes the theme of Summer of 44 -The Flight Path to Liberty. There will be a chance to meet re-enactors and view military vehicles, fire engines and ambulances from the period. Special tours, talks and interactive workshops will also be taking place. Learn First Aid 1940s style courtesy of St. John Ambulance, enjoy rousing music and swinging beats with our 1940s concerts, meet the Land Girls, Air Raid Wardens and members of the Service and learn what a normal day was like for these individuals in 1944." '

sounds quite entertaining - I may well toddle along to that myself.
That sounds really outstanding. I am jealous as I am across pond and the vacation money is already spent on a trip to Ireland in July. Maybe next year the UK.

If anybody goes and can post pictures I would love to see them and I am sure others would too. ALthough I was born after the war a lot of the movies on TV when I was a kid were old WW II movies with scenes in the subway shelters.

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