London Underground Song

Quality - a real real cry from the heart

I can particularly relate to their other song 'Northern Birds' also on the site :D
booty_cadet said:
Can't find 'Northern Birds' can you post a link?
Don't be a lazy cnut. Google 'Northern Birds Song'. It was the first result. Muppet.
Fitness to Practice

Fill your boots (assuming the link works).

If you like the Underground Song, you will love the Menstrual Rag. I am also very pleased to see the new song 'Sheila's Wheels' which strikes a blow against those advertisers who seem to be allowed to get away with portraying every woman as a highly capable, virtuous intellectual, whilst every single man is apparently retarded!
artois said:
I first heard this at the Edinburgh Fringe: London Underground Song
Oh well done Arty! Love it! Laughing my socks off all the way on the sweltering bloody District Line to connect with the Northern LIne to Waterloo tonight in around 110 degrees with my nose stuffed up some Johnny Foreigner's sweaty arm pit. And he had been eating curry!!! :evil:
sprjim said:
Fcuking hell, its the new display, all one colour and I'm confused! :oops:
Well thank God for that! I thought it was my own set-up and have been trying all sorts of tricks to rectify the fault! Where have all the avatars gone?

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