London Tube Strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by annakey, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Yes! He's a total darling

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  2. No! He should be tarred and feathered

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  3. My face has just gone bright red with rage

  1. RMT statement:

    So the strike, amongst other things, secured the workers’ pensions. And the two unions who agreed the original offer bought a pig in a poke. But their members – who crossed RMT picket lines yesterday - will now benefit from the RMT’s action.

    Funnily enough, all this has gone unreported in the UK media. Odd eh? But there's oodles about Bob Crow being a former Communist Party member and mate of one A. Scargill Esq. But that's what's important isn't it?

    Anyone else here a Bob Crow fan, one of the few British trade union leaders - together with the right-wing POA - to stand up for his members?

    The pension rights and wage structures had already been secured and assurances had been given, hence the other two unions standing down. This has been fully reported on the BBC, and the only reason the RMT continued with this action, despite countless reassurances was because the fcuking ignorance and bloody mindedness of that idiot Crow, who even Ken Livingston called an fing idiot.

    Lost the country something like 5 billion because of this
  3. What rubbish - there was no need for the strike at all, as all the required assurances had been given. This was some Union Sabre rattling.
  4. Not. True. Read the statement.

    Not. True. The BBC failed to report the nature of the dispute, concentrating instead on outraged commuters.

    Not. True. The RMT got substantial concessions out the Metronet administrators and (should today's meeting go as planned) the pension fund trustees.

    In other words, Bob Crow did precisely what he was elected to do. And why the RMT in London has increased it's membership by a third.

    He's also upfront and honest about industrial action on the Tube:

    Plus he's a Millwall supporter. :D
  5. LOL. Yet another taken in by the media propaganda.
  6. Basically, everything you have said is complete balls. Do a little research rather than listen to your commy mates
  7. Not as much as you have been taken in by that overpaid Muppet you call a General Secretary. RMT really has the public support now !! Prats
  8. Annakey, you're a lefty. That's disgusting in the extreme. There was no reason for you to accuse someone of being "taken in" by the media. Crows an idiot, pure and simple, who's caused hassle and disruption and financial losses to thousands over the past few days, and he should be strung up.
  9. (a) I've done more research than the BBC bothered to do. What more d'you want?

    (b) My only current (former) CPGB mate is out boozing with tube driver!
  10. Yes, well, according to TfL, Metronet and London Underground the RMT has secured nothing more other than "clarification" on certain points that were already negotiated and set out in a letter to the RMT dated 3 September.

    Maybe those were important points but did this strike need to go ahead? No, Crow was just showboating.

    There is also the small matter that Metronet, the employer, is insolvent and there are limits to what the Administrator can legally agree to. Also the independant Trustees of the Pension Scheme have to agee to all proposals anyway.

    Clearly both parties won and had God on their side.
  11. They're all c*nts, including Crow.

    There. Simple as, and sums up the situation perfectly.
  12. Which means what, you've read a RMT statement on how well they've done. Commie tw@t
  13. Point to note, Annakey - No one on this site trusts the BBCs reporting as it is, so whether or not you do your research better than they do is a moot point.
  14. But if they've been manipulated by the media - and they clearly have - why not point it out? OK, I accept their face may go an even darker shade of puce but that's why there's a poll option.

  15. That's a fair point.