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London Tube Strike - Ways to get in to work


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Came into London Bridge on the Train. Caught the fast boat from London Bridge to Canary Wharf. Piece of piss, very pleasant view, bit costly. If the Boat was cheaper I'd take the thing every day and leave the Bolshevik London Underground to return to their dinosaur boneyard. Anybody else find their new way into work more pleasant?
Yep, I commuted across Gutersloh in my mates car. View was typically german, with lots and lots of turks also commuting mainly in clapped out old beemers, on foot and wearing bleached skin tight jeans with holes in the knees and arrse. Bloody underground can go swivel if they think I will be using them after yet another strike.
Just discussing this with some colleagues. I'm in work (10 min walk from Marylebone) but it is amazing the number of people who have been tearing their hair out about getting here from Victoria/Charing Cross etc. Once you actually take the time to figure it out, if you work in the West End or City, most of the mainline stations are actually only 20 - 30 minutes away at a sedate walk. Some people have gone into panic overload because their tube line is closed and they cannot possibly see how they are going to get to their office which is 3 stops away!!

Start walking and let Crowe and his mates start worrying when their revenues start to plummet. (and drop a few pounds into the process from the nice exercise)
As usual, into Waterloo and a 25 minute walk to where I'm working - just beyond St Pauls.

30 minutes today as I paused to stand in the sunshine and remember the start of The Blitz
My journey was 20 minutes longer.
I normally get First Capital Connect to Finsbury Park and then change to the Victoria Line to go to Euston. Finsbury Park tube was closed this morning, so I carried on to Kings Cross and walked along Euston Road.
The First Capital Connect train was more crowded than usual and a few more commuters had folding bikes with them. Otherwise, a normal day.
Maybe if enough people were to use the boats on the Thames the ticket price might drop to a more reasonable rate?However it is a far better journey on the Thames.It beats all the pushing and stinking barstewards that you have to put up with on the tube.Maybe in the carriages they could install automatic deodorant dispensers dispensing pleasant aromas. There again,pigs might fly.And if pigs could fly Bob Crow would be a squadron leader!
If the DLR can operate trains without drivers tube drivers want to watch out.They might roll out driverless tube trains if these stikes keep on.
Not the DS solution mate. It's not so much the 'driverless' train factor but the staff on board should the train break down. Overground operations are considerably less complex than the underground.
No issues with this callsign. I tabbed from Canary Wharf to Tottenham Court Road, an hour and 10 mins, flat to office........ sorted. The reverse journey ( yup I know the DLR is operating) is just as pleasant, jumping off The Highway and getting on Thames Path at Limehouse.
I usually travel in to Marylebone and was planning on walking in from Waterloo today with the chaos of the Tube Strike. Google maps said it would've been an hour-long walk, which would've been perfect, but then my boss told us not to worry about coming in and to just work from home. So, I'm sitting in my chav tracksuit, on the couch, "working" and not bothered at all about the tube strike.
If I was still working, I'd get Bob Crowe dressed up in the outfit below and I'd ride him into the office. I'd arrive in triumph, with crowds cheering me on in the manner of Commodus' return to Rome in "Gladiator".


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