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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by cheesypoptart, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Grr, I know it's a sign of an admin failure when one goes on ARRSE to ask bone questions, but please bear with me since I'm presently based in the U.S. and casting the advice net pretty wide:

    I'm booked for Sandhurst this September, but it looks like I'll get a one-time chance to do an MA at no cost in central London. If I were to postpone RMAS to either Sep. 2010 or Jan. 2011, what should I do with myself STAB-wise, e.g.:

    What's the feasibility of finding an infantry TA Coy in need of subbies, getting commissioned fairly quickly, and perhaps deploying on a tour roughly next June-December 2010? Or should I just go back into ULOTC, maybe get myself a nominal job as OIC OPFOR, and enjoy the cheap drinks?

    Some random specifics: I'll be commuting from Egham, since the missus will be at Royal Holloway, and I think any TA unit west of St. Paul's would be feasible (is it?). I passed the old MTQ1, MTQ2, RCB, TCB back in 2003 and was a gap year mong until 2004. Don't know if MTQs would still be of use.

    Right now, I'm guessing that if I were to take up the MA offer, going straight onto the CC would be the wisest option; but after being in a classroom for four years, I would be open to some real responsibility and character-building prior to another year of study/beastings in Camberley.

    Thoughts? Criticisms?
  2. Firstly even if you could get accepted, trained and deployed by this time next year or so which you can't i wouldnt have thought, what fukkin use would you be to anyone over there anyway. You still wouldn't know fukk all

    Secondly, am guessing that if your firm are funding your MBA then they're kind of expecting you to stay with them for a while (do they know you've got a place at sandhurst). If they don't then you need to let them know as that place on the MA could go to someone else who wants a career in your firm rather than you just doing it cos u can then fukking off somewhere else.

    Thirdly, if you still want to join up with the regular army in the next couple of years or so whether you decide to do this MA first or not bother and go to the september intake, I would chill out, enjoy your time at home as a civvy and for while do the things you cant do in the army like go to the cinema, eat a mcdonalds when u feel like it and subject your missus to a gruesome wragging in the bedroom on a saturday morning.....then get on with your army career rather than farting around trying to get in the TA for a short while before you go regular .

  3. Remember the Queen song!

    I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!!!!

    Ahh, if only life was as perfect as you would like it to be!

    Like many of us you'll just have to choose what you want to do more!

    Be a Rupert and attend RMAS or get a Masters or get a tour!

    Write to the MOD, maybe they will stop the campaign in Afghan so you can do all 3!
  4. Ah, serves me right for posting on arrse.

    Absolutely, you've hit the nail on the head, old boy! And who wouldn't want it all? And just like everyone else, I don't get it all most of the time, but I get it all sometimes, and that makes it worth trying. Or at least worth looking at. I'm still not sure what the best course of action is - hence my post.

    Ref. Johnny, that's almost right. I'm a student right now, though, and the way reason I can afford the MA (not MBA) is a mixture of a big scholarship and the awesome new post-9/11 GI Bill which will reward me handsomely for serving in the Marine Reserves over here in the US. I'm not that backstabbing that I'd exploit some poor multinational corporation.

    It's an MA in intelligence studies so, to save you the trouble of telling me, I already know it's bugger all use in the Army. :)

    I've received some great advice through PMs so far; even some specific contacts. Thanks.

  5. You'll do plenty of op tours in the future so why bother now? Also the TA commissioning process now seems to be so long and tortuous that it's not worth the hassle in the timeframe. Why not go to 7 RIFLES in Davies St (near Bond St tube) and sign up as a Rfn there? - you'll soldier with some GREAT blokes,have a lot of fun, and learn something. 020 7629 3674 IIRC. Swift and Bold mate.
  6. How about 3 MI? Relevant to your subject (intelligence is a job description and a job requirement, honest!) and recruiting now. Give the ROSO a ring.