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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Devlin24, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Looking for some advice from people in the TA.

    I am 27 and live in London (in a dull civil service managment job since uni), and over the past couple of months have been looking at joining the TA. It seems in London that there is a wide range of units to choose from!

    I was thinking about becoming a combat medical technician, as although I don’t have a medical background it is an area that interests me. After reading some post and looking at websites I do not want to join a field hospital unit as I think the CMT is not really needed in such units and often they ask for people who are qualified paramedics etc.

    What are the chances of becoming a CMT in one of the TA units in London, I presume it is something you would be trained in after completing basic training, or would it be a trade that you would take once you were an experienced soldier? I have been looking at several unit sites and both the Honourable Artillery Company and the Westminster Dragoons seem interesting. Can anyone in these units give me some general info and any specifics on their need for and training programmes for medics?. I think I read somewhere that HAC have particularly good training for medics? I have also noticed that the Royal Yeomanry are establishing a Regimental Aid post currently and that there would an opportunity to lean NBC medicine.

    What do people think, should I join a unit and then consider specialising if the op comes up, or try and find somewhere where and join stating that I want to be a CMT.

    I see that 144 Para Regiment unit recruit in London, which also sounds interesting, but I am not super fit presently!

    Thanks in advance for any replies

  2. Personally, i would go along to a couple of Units in your area, then make an educated choice as to which one you would like to join. Specialize later, as well.

    Just my personal opinion.

    Make sure you have a roight ald knees up an all, geeza!
  3. The HAC have an open evening the first Tuesday of every month (i.e. 7th August is the next one), 1830 for 1900, jacket and tie.

    There are only two intakes a year, and the next one is September/ October.

    However, take a wide view of what's around you and make an informed choice. Good luck!
  4. You don't need a medical background to join 144 Para Medical Sqn at Hornsey.

    HQ Coy London Regt at 27 St Johns Hill SW11 (outside Clapham Junction Station) has a good med section.

    For bread and butter infantry soldiering F Coy 7 Rifles (at Davies St) or 2 Coy 10 Para (White City and Croydon) are about as good as you will find in the TA. Both are well recruited and well led and well worth a visit on any drill night.

    There is a great deal of choice out there. Visit several units and talk to the blokes (not just the recruiting staff). This way you will get a good feeling for the character of each unit and will decide on the one that you are best suited for and visa versa.
  5. Devlin....
    Im a TA cmt class2.
    Its pants.

    Dont join a medic unit and be a cmt. You will go nowhere fast.
    Go to another type of unit, preferebly one without many (keep away from mine, as im the only medic in the village) or any medics, and they will train you as a soldier, then you do your trade training.
    Class 3 medic. Basically a bit of first aid and some med centre duties. Dont start thinking 'medic form blackhawk down' just yet.

    Class 2 medic. More first aid...injections intermediate airway protection/provedures. Basicaly its an 'assist the paramedic/class 1 course....ambiguity (sp?) of duties ('well, in peace time, you are not passed out to do this____add medical procedure___ but on OPS, when your buddies are getting minced, you can___add field surgeons training manual here____')

    Class 1 medic. Well, so i hear, lots of nbc stuff. and the stuff you thought you were allowed to do in class 2, but were told you couldnt.
    And at the end of it all, you wont be able to use any of it, due to clinical gov' only state registered paramedics can do anything, please retrain as a health care assistant. :p

    To be serious, the role of CMT is in the balance as I hear it.(TA only)
    The courses have been re-written. So I believe, to reflect your role. so if you are a cmt in a field hospital, you will have training to reflect this. If you are a medic for an infantry unit, you will get the medic from blackhawk down type training.
    s a medic (if you are any good) you will gain the respect of your colleagues as you will be the one patching them up at weekends, and they know that if the stuff hits the air circulation device, you will be there with a bag full of tricks and a soothing word.
    pm me if ya want anymore help.
    good luck.
  6. Thanks for the plug but it's now 10 Company, 4 PARA - the locations stated are correct though. See for more information.
  7. I knew that. Professor Alsheimer has much to answer for.

    I've taken beer with The Duke on several occasions - might get some abuse next time we meet.
  8. 106 regt ra (v) at grove park
  9. G Coy, West Ham

    Swift and Bold!
  10. F Coy 7 Rifles telephone 0207 629 3674 - but block leave looms.
  11. So what do you want out of the TA? By your first sentence it sounds as if you want to escape your main occupation. Ever thought about the Int Corps - there are units in London and deployment guaranteed. The work is vaguely h'interesting as well.
  12. I'm not a medical specialist, but I would think twice about joining as a CMT as, increasingly, due to "clinical governance" they seem to be allowed to do less and less real medical stuff (any CMT please correct me if I am wildly wrong).

    If you want to deploy and engage (at close quarters) with the Queen's enemies (i.e. Taliban) any of the London based Infantry would be good: LONDONS, F & G Coys, 7 RIFLES and 10 Coy, 4 PARA. The Inf recruit training also provides the most solid foundation for being a TA soldier. You can then be a team medic on Ops.

    The best answer is the "go and have a look at a few units and see what you think" approach.
  13. As per the other advice. Have a look round a few units.

    The Westminster Dragoons Recruit training team will be working through August so drop in any Wednesday from 7.30 onwards.

    You can train as a CMT with us, as we need sqn medics but you will spend your first year doing recruit training, signals, driver training and probably CBRN before specialising so pick the unit you like the look of best rather than focusing on the end trade.