London Summer Bash

Which Date and Which Location

  • 15 August

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  • 16 August

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  • Clapham Common

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  • Riverside Pubs

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  • Camden

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it was decided ages ago to host a summer extravaganza in London on Aug 15, with Sluggy doing the organising. Due to a posting oop north (hooray), she hasn't done diddly squat (nothing new there), so I've taken it on and am asking for ideas of where and what. All suggestions will be viewed and most binned as usual. :D
There was talk of meeting up at the 'Help for heros' rugby match at Twickenham, 20th september :D And we were talking about special Arrse rugby tops to go with it, that would be a summer bash in London :wink: :puker: :pukel:
JoseyWales said:
BBQ's are strictly forbidden in the Parks.
Surely that's just the Royal Parks? What about one of the commons (Clapham/Wandsworth/Wimbledon) or the smaller parks such as Parsons Green? I often take my little portable bbq to Wandsworth Park in the summer. As long as there's a bit of green for the picnic rug, champagne, Pimms and oil drum barbie - job done.

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