London Soldier

Good to see a decent turn out from most cap-badges, regular and TA. A decent amount of hardware on display too, including climbing walls, para trainer, SAT trainer, MLRS, lots of SATCOM from the scaleys, huge video wall, laser dome, Saxon, AS90, desert and field displays, and a command task.

Pity the "thinkers" timed it to co-incide with tomorrow's "Stop the War Coalition" march/demo/riot cancelling the Saturday show and moving it forward to today at short notice. Personally I think the stinking great unwashed should have been told to make way for the army and march next weekend instead! (at least we contribute to society)


Did they have any Green Goddesses on display?  
I wasn't there, but this does tie in with a new recruiting method I've concocted, focusing on the armoured might of the British army...

Join the armoured corps, drive a tank!
Join the infantry, get run over by a tank!
Join the REME, fix a tank!
Join the AAC, blow up a tank!
Join the labour party, tell everyone just because it doesn't work in 90% of the worlds hotspots, doesn't mean it's not the best tank in the world!

What do you think? :)


Like it...

can we add...

Join as a chef: size of a tank
Join AGC ETS and teach people to spell TNAK
Join as PUS to Min AF and deny that tank exists, but sing praises of armoured fighting vehicle which might just do same job as tank...and look like one...


join the navy see the world, join the army and sweep the fcuker!
as for all the anti war lot, kill em all and let got sort em out. (cant the police arrest these types for anti social behaviour) :roll:

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