London Sites that celebrate French Defeats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chiefwiggum, Sep 14, 2004.

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  1. We have a frenchman coming to stay, and OC(house) has instructed I take him on a tour of London. Our train will pull into Waterloo, which got me to thinking we could walk to Trafalger Square, past Horseguards etc. A theme is developing but any other suggestions for places to visit in the smoke that celebrate victory over the Frogs would be appreciated. This way I have a quiet life indoors but laugh in the face of our french guest! :lol:
  2. take him to the imperial war museum he will like that.. then when you get home pop Sharpes eagle in the Vcr...sit back, relax and then remember yes we are sooo much better than them!!!!! flamin nazi collaborators :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. take him to one of the several asylum seeker centres around the smoke , or a tour of the bosnian cigarette sellers , then punch him in the face and tell him it's all his fault they're here. :wink:
  4. read your last short fuse burst out laughing and whole office now thinks i am a looney.....cracked me up.... :D :lol: :p :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. just my little bit for "entente cordiale"

    which is french for "kidney collapser"..... i think?
  6. spat tea all over monitor, keyboard and mobile phone on that one..

    Good drills.

  7. how about taking him to london zoo , go up to an empty cage and tell him it's a cheese eating surrender monkey , and the reason you can't see it is it's run away.
  8. Its gotta be the old favourite - Google "French military victories" and press "I feel lucky."

    Richly comic.

    Unless you are French, of course.
  9. I think the asylum seekers visit followed by some good old CJd filled hamburgers and a trip to war musuem ought to do it- he will complain regardless of the day being French- moany bas*tds
  10. Or just keep qouting the scarlet pimpernal all day...sink me look at the sorry state of that cravat...etc....or when its asleep insert his own toothbrush up his rectum take photo...hand photo to french sissy when he is cleaning his teeth... :twisted:
  11. First post, fits right in.

    Shame there are no spelling errors, though
  12. The Blitz memorial - tell them "this is dedicated to people of a city that actually resisted an invader"

    The Cenotaph - "this is dedicated to British soldiers who died saving your sorry french ass - you ungrateful b*tasds"

    Monty's and Slim's - "Generals who can win battles"

    Chindit memorial outside Canon Row Police Station - "here we have soldiers in our colonies fighting the enemy"

    The Eisenhower and Roosevelt memorials - "allies that fought"

    For more go to
  13. The Frogs like to be addressed as 'Citizen'. Don't forget to ensure that Vichy carrots are served at dinner; apologise for the lack of horsemeat at same. Pudding should be Victoria sponge, served with the announcement 'let them eat cake'.

    As for the tour, there is a Cressey Road (I know the spelling isn't right!) and an Agincourt Road in Hampstead.
  14. Take a ride round Marble Arch and ask exactly what fecking French triumph the similar looking Arc de Triomphe in Paris celebrates.
  15. Could take him to the Houses of Parliament, one of the state rooms there on the guided tour has an extremely large room size painting of Nelson at Trafalgar, the opposite wall has a similiar size painting of Waterloo.

    Apparently Mitterand once gave a speech there to some ministers...the paintings were covered in drapes :x