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I'm in 33 Regt right now and just finished a switch trade training course; I'm moving down to central London in a couple of months and heard they don't have Ptarmigan down there, does anyone know what they do have? thanks
You can try 71 (Y) Regt. which uses a mix of NCRS, Clansman HF and VHF kit plus some other items. There is also 31 Regt. which uses Lanward and Clansman.

Best advice is go in and ask.
No ptarmigan in the London area m8, the nearest you will get to that is 36 Sig Regt who have their headquarters in Ilford, however they are running Euromux (or the remnants of it seeing as they are moving over to NCRS).

Even then the Euromux assets are over in Grays and that is only one AMC now.

Ilford themselves being the HQ element are mainly HF and NCRS.
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