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Just curious with all the changes going on-are they going to be rebadged out of existence like the sweaty's north of the border or will be still keep their identity?
At My Command... not for a wee while, I gather... another year of Borg mortarheads?


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Can you let the rest of us in on the present state of rumour control with regard to the future of the Scottish. As an ex G Coy man I'm still interested in the fate of the Regiment - but please none of this inter compamy squabbling that seems to go on in any thread relating to the Londons.
The Jocks are a top bunch of blokes who will be by April next year getting to change their guns for big heavy loud things.

As for keeping their identity etc. Nothing is decided yet and as I'm aware, all options are still open.
Not quite, VVV - latest int from our OC is that F Coy will retain mortars for the whole of next year: at the end of which we will form the second section of RRV (sic) mortars based at F Coy.

Gives the Jocks some time to get to Div and train up on how to use the big buggers.

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